Asus Zenfone 8 Flip

Asus Zenfone 8 Flip

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Jay, 19 May 2021Does this have DAC? Or hi-res audio? I'm looking f... moreit is high res audio certified.. up to 24bit 90hz..

i sold my s21 ultra exynos and was planning to get a rog 5 pro but it got cancelled here in the philippines and i need a big file storage.. ended up preordering this phone.. it costs about $800 here.. settled for this because i want an sd888 phone so i can play genshin impact on higher settings smoothly.. my s21 ultra was doing good on wild rift.. and pretty ok on codm and pubg m with fan cooler attached to it.. but thecother thing that bothered me is the high temperature when using the camera for more than 10 mins.. i don't get any overheating notification.. but it still worrying that the phone gets toasty.. i will miss the super amoled and 120hz display but i think i can settle on the z8f's samsung oled panel with no punchole/notch.. i can also settle with an older camera set up qith no OIS since i'm just an average camera user and from what i saw from taiwanase and hong kong yt tech vloggers the camera is above average.. no audio jack but the type c port will do just fine since it can output hi-res audio.. i think i made a good decision to settle for this rather than the rog phone since the memory is expandable and the cameras' better.. it's a downgrade from mg s21u that still will give the satisfaction of a flagship experience..

Anonymous, 17 May 2021One Zenfone 8 with MicroSD but not 3.5mm Another Zenfone 8... moreIt's marketing strategy to cater to different preferences.

  • Anonymous

Owner of a 8 flip, can't complain. It really is huge and bulky compared to my 2016 phone. And the battery can easily be drained in less than a day.
I have a gut feeling this is the last flip from them, so I'm happy I got it

  • Anonymous

There is no IP68 certification in this one? OMG

  • dmx

Everyone criticizing the bad decisions of Asus, but they forget that the Rog phone is their flagship phone that sells the most, they were not going to launch the zenphone with high characteristics to overshadow their product that best suits it.

No OIS on any of the cameras?

  • Anonymous

Camera wise, 8 flip is more competitive than 8


Jay, 19 May 2021Does this have DAC? Or hi-res audio? I'm looking f... moreI am looking for the same thing. Want to replace my LG G7+ but no gonna compromise for sound quality.

  • Jay

Does this have DAC? Or hi-res audio?

I'm looking for a replacement for my LG phone.

Pricing wise, 8 is more competitive than 8 flip.

Anonymous, 17 May 2021One Zenfone 8 with MicroSD but not 3.5mm Another Zenfone 8... moreWonder if they like messing with people

  • Anonymous

One Zenfone 8 with MicroSD but not 3.5mm
Another Zenfone 8 without MicroSD but wel 3.5mm

What kind of imbecility is this?

Anonymous, 09 May 2021you must choose between hole-free screen and headphone jack... moreNo brainer n more practical. 3.5mm jack so zenfone 8 i guess

beep bop boop, 12 May 2021its weird isnt it, it makes the Zenfone 8 look betterWell that kinda was the point i guess asus are putting forward the zenfone 8 cause i suspect this will be the last flip phone. I think they have produced more of the normal 8s then the flips. If anything the flip seems to be more of a downgrade than an upgrade this year. I guess this was a strategy by asus to kill the flip n make a normal flagship like the zenfone 5.

Hamburger, 13 May 2021So the smaller Zenphone 8 has phone jack and no expandable ... moreI guess its cause the flip is catered for vloggers or video creators. Thus u would automatically need more storage hence they have given an sd card slot well that's my guess at least. Although not giving the 3.5mm jack with hi res audio and even ois on the flip version seems to be really poor decision making by Asus.

I guess the decision makes sense for the sd card slot for the flip since they were made for people who create vlogs and click a ton of pictures thus you would need more storage space. Although taking out the 3.5mm jack and not giving hi res audio does not seem to be justifiablešŸ˜‘

Anonymous, 16 May 2021I hope in there will be a Zenfone with IP Rating in the nea... moreThe Zenfone 8 (non Flip) has IP68 rating.

  • Anonymous

I hope in there will be a Zenfone with IP Rating in the near future

Fred, 15 May 2021Why did they remove the OIS on the main and ultrawide cams? Because they decided to put it on the small Zenfone 8.