Asus Zenfone 8 Flip

Asus Zenfone 8 Flip

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  • Fred

Why did they remove the OIS on the main and ultrawide cams?

jik, 14 May 2021the phone is awesome overall, but, why it has 5000 mAh but ... moreIt depends upon a lot of factors.

the phone is awesome overall, but, why it has 5000 mAh but only having an endurance rating of 98h? I thought amoled makes the battery last longer?

Anonymous, 13 May 2021Why did they remove the 3.5mm audio jack ? Whom did it int... moreThere probably wasn't space at the bottom due to stereo speakers and no space at the top due to the camera

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 May 2021Why did they remove the 3.5mm audio jack ? Whom did it int... moreThey removed the card slot on the smaller one and the headphone jack on the bigger one. Looks like I will be getting last gen then...

😑 complaining people are everywhere !

This phone is a letdown for the price. Asus knows that, we know that. Basically it's Asus' way of telling 'don't buy the flipcam phone'. They might discontinue the lineup altogether, which is a bit of bummer. So those who really like the flipcam, this might be the last one.

  • Anonymous

Why did they remove the 3.5mm audio jack ?
Whom did it interfere with ?

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack? Sad!
Almost bought the Zenfone 6 back then because it was one of the few "flagship" phones with one (but then opted for a Xiaomi 9T Pro).

Missed opportunity for Asus now, because no jack = no buy.

  • Hamburger

So the smaller Zenphone 8 has phone jack and no expandable storage.

The bigger bro Flip has expandable storage but no phone jack.

WTF Asus!!!!!!

It will be a must buy if they have included DAC with 3.5mm jack in Flip version. Disappointed there is no version like 8 pro with bigger size and camera module like flip. :(

Anonymous, 07 May 2021I think it will be like two in one . A wide lense which can... moreGSMArena seems to have changed the specifications and added an ultrawide lens. Nice.

  • Heth

I hope its night mode is good other specifications are awesome for the price bit this should have had wireless charging as it's a flagship

  • Anonymous

Why on earth did they use Corning GG 6 instead of Victus and the display it self is slightly inferior.

  • mfa

cant wait...

limecheesecake, 07 May 2021Take a look for yourself, most of the specs at this point h... moreOh wow asus unbelievable I can't differentiate this at all

Bob One, 08 May 202112MP ultrawide and probably will have AF! Holy mackerel thi... moreNo optical image stabilization at all that's a main problem

  • Johnny Sins

Instead of focusing on two Asus Zenfone, ASUS should have made Asus Zenfone 8 Flip as the wholesome flagship phone. Other than Snapdragon 888 & dedicated SD card slot all the features seems mediocre. The display could have been 4K HDR 120Hz with 1500nits brightness but it's still of the same as of Asus Zenfone 7 Pro. No Gorilla Glass Victus protection. Cameras are the same, no improvement at all instead it has degraded as it now lacks OIS.
It seems there are some good & bad in both the ASUS devices but Asus Zenfone 8 Flip is a major disappointment

  • Anonymous

Oh Asus c'mon, how can you beat samsung and apple, even oppo realme and xiaomi at the flagship level, if you only made the phone with less effort?

Within the price range, the other brand has offered more like 1B colors, OIS, 120-144hz, Victus on both sides, bigger screen more than 6 inch, bigger ram and storage

On the standard y get dual cam with 120hz ois and victus, but with back GG3 and less than 6 inch, on the flip y get 3 camera and bigger screen but with GG6 front, no ois, only 90hz

  • Rj

They took away the OIS 😢
It was present in Zenfone 7 pro.