Asus Zenfone AR coming to the US

Himanshu, 27 July 2017

Last we heard, the Asus Zenfone AR was expected to launch in the US sometime late June or early July. However there has obviously been some delays as the device is yet to be made available in the country. While there's still no official information on when US will get the phone, the latest development suggests that will happen any moment now.

An image showing the official Flip Cover accessory for the handset has surfaced, pointing to an imminent launch for the device in the US.

The phone - which offers support for Tango (Google's AR system) and Daydream (Google's VR platform) - is already on sale in the company's home country of Taiwan, as well as a few other markets including India and the UK.

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Reader comments

I already know that. That's why i hate apple too. And i think Asus is a company that should not price there phone at that kind of price. Same opinion for Oppo Vivo Meizu Xiaomi... Just an Opinion :3

  • DAlien

I am confused on why you hate the phone because it is over priced. All cell phones are over priced. It cost Apple between $230 - $250 to make a 32GB iPhone. You can add $30 to the price for an extra 100GB, but they are charging you $100 increase f...

  • Anonymous

finally it comes to trash bin.

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