Asus Zenfone AR ZS571KL

Asus Zenfone AR ZS571KL

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  • Yext
  • 6mM
  • 15 Jun 2022

r1short, 31 May 2022I still have my Zenfone AR and it works as good as day 1 ex... moreI just got mine yesterday from EBAY for 200 eur and it works perfectly, I can receive calls too and everything.

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    • r1short
    • g$A
    • 31 May 2022

    I still have my Zenfone AR and it works as good as day 1 except no cell service available. If cell service providers would give the option to have a data only plan on this (like a mobile laptop) I'd still be using it. I think it's still better than a lot of phones out there.

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      • Minu
      • w9K
      • 21 Dec 2020

      BrunoG, 09 Feb 2020Had two Zenfore AR phones. Thought their design and feature... moreSamsung displays have that purple bleeding right?

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        • Anonymous
        • fuf
        • 19 Dec 2020

        RoydeM, 18 Oct 2020Although I had very happy with other Asus products since ma... moreReally? Its a 2017 phone. It used to be superb then.

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          • RoydeM
          • JMs
          • 18 Oct 2020

          Although I had very happy with other Asus products since many years (such PC components and laptops) I am totally dissapointed with this phone. It's absurdly weak: I changed screen once (due a small fall that didn't affect any other phone), and then sim/microsd slots stopped working.

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            • CH
            • fsV
            • 23 Aug 2020

            AnonD-573368, 07 Jan 2017It is not even released and you already gave your verdict o... moreThank you very much for replying him in such way...some people have bad mouth towards things they haven't tried. Too bad. Am buying it anyway. Thanks

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              • BrunoG
              • FT6
              • 09 Feb 2020

              Had two Zenfore AR phones. Thought their design and features were amazing at the tme... But...
              As others have mentioned on this thread, both suffered screen purple bleeding, up to the point I had to replace both screens. And, I dropped one from 3 foot fall and the screen broke! Yet another screen replacement. Not withstanding the batteries I had to change.
              I am still using both as of february 2020! But not seeing any Android updates since june 2018, I'll have to ditch them... So sad.

              So much money wasted on those... Had my lesson. Thought Asus was a quality brand... Not with phones anyways......

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                • Bapan Bag
                • rK2
                • 02 Feb 2020

                asus zenfone ar zs571kl Phone is a very bad phone. Because this phone will get worse after the warranty expires and service the phone will cost new ones.

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                  • Dauas
                  • 4PB
                  • 24 Jan 2020

                  Dauas, 06 Dec 2019I have had to replace this phone 3 time for what can only b... moreJust wanted to add that after a month since my last review my phone is barely usable, It will now instantly die after being removed from a charger, so now to use my phone at any given time I have to unplug it and watch it die, travel to my destination, locate a socket, wait 20 mins for my phone to get the minimum charge needed to boot, and never leave that spot lest the process start anew. DO NOT PURCHASE THE ASUS ZENFONE AR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED A LARGE PURCHASE SO MUCH IN MY LIFE. And again I repeat, this is a wast of money. I often find myself debating biting the bullet and just canceling my Verizon Contract and paying in full the amount owed on my two Zenfones (Both have the same issues developing at different paces) and getting a burner phone. I am an avid and selfproclaimed lover of Smartphones and the convenience they provide to modern life, however this phone cannot fall under that category. It is a nuisance on my daily life and a constant source of anxiety cradling it after having to pay >$600 in repairs, enough to nearly purchase an entire Zenfone AR, or any other smartphone that won't fail to perform it's anticipated tasks like wake me up in the morning because my phone decides to shut off whilst sitting on the charger and cause me to become written up at my job. I feel like this phone is destroying my life and I just desperately desire to wash my hands of them at this point. Just having them around is too stressful and I already have an anxiety disorder so the constant worry of owning these phones is detrimental to my mental health.

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                    • Dauas
                    • bit
                    • 06 Dec 2019

                    I have had to replace this phone 3 time for what can only be described as a fatal flaw in that the screen below the gorilla glass is so fragile that it shatters from a 2 foot fall. The total amount I have spent replacing this phone I could have bought a Google Pixel like I had originally planned. The worst part is I can never use this for Augmented Reality Purposed because It just simply doesn't work. You can move the camera but all the objects in the Augmented Reality World stay static on the screen making it impossible to play any Popular AR Games.

                    T.L.D.R. Phone bricks from minor damage, it is no longer capable of AR after a small amount of time owning it, it has constant random crashes from day 1, the battery life is approximately 15 mins after a year of owning, It literally just starts dumping battery as soon as I unplug it. Everything is laggy, even youtube, when youtube even lets you get through a single video without crashing that is. A Nitpick is that the Vibrate is not discreet whatsoever, people in the other room can hear this phone vibrate. Good Sound quality when it isn't lagging.

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                      • Brandon
                      • I8e
                      • 26 Aug 2019

                      Roelism, 18 Jan 2019Are you sure what you are saying? Do you have this kind of phone?Two of mime has screen bleeding two I'm on my third ones of these prices of shit

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                        • Brandon
                        • I8e
                        • 26 Aug 2019

                        Sorry but this phone is a flop it always has a problem battery is terrible it was good for about a month then the phone went to shit please save ur money don't buy this phone camera isn't even as good as they claim it is phone is slow and just over all wish I could get my money back

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                          • LordV
                          • jM5
                          • 16 Mar 2019

                          Been running this phone again recently. It is still a solid phone. It is a true AR phone where you can get quality AR images. Starting to miss phones with a front home button and the integrated fingerprint reader. Battery life can be improved. Hoping for Oreo to be available for it and looking to improve on its battery life. Until then, ... just have to have a external battery pack on standby.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • jM5
                            • 13 Mar 2019

                            This phone is a great phone but It may not receive the Oreo Update.

                            It should still be a very good performer with Oreo. Nougat is a smooth release.

                              Has this phone received Android Oreo or Pie???

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                                • Roelism
                                • wYK
                                • 18 Jan 2019

                                Anonymous, 15 Sep 2018Terrible phone. Will never buy an Asus product again. Scree... moreAre you sure what you are saying? Do you have this kind of phone?

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                                  • B.saitama
                                  • NuU
                                  • 03 Dec 2018

                                  Awesome ph0ne

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mU5
                                    • 03 Oct 2018

                                    Khan, 10 Sep 2018Unfortunately wifi not working in pakistan.what us happen.a... moreMe too
                                    Please help me

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • k29
                                      • 15 Sep 2018

                                      Terrible phone. Will never buy an Asus product again. Screen bleeding on 2 of these phones. Screen constantly freezes, and the phone get super hot with minimal use. Camera didn't have good quality, overall just terrible.

                                        • K
                                        • Khan
                                        • g30
                                        • 10 Sep 2018

                                        Unfortunately wifi not working in pakistan.what us happen.any body tell me