Asus Zenfone C ZC451CG

Asus Zenfone C ZC451CG

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  • Yun Hana

sleep, 31 Mar 2017when i charge my asus zenfone c, suddenly i heard something from... moresame goes to me!!! suddenly i heard 'Tik Tik Tik' from inside the phone while changing.

  • sleep

when i charge my asus zenfone c, suddenly i heard something from inside phone.
that's so scare and i just take off the charger. it was happen twice and im really scare. i think the phone will explode. is there someone have same experience like me? *sorry bout my english

yash89, 23 May 2016Hello everyone.....Edison 657 is an awesome guy...By listening h... moreI'm glad you are happy.

  • AnonD-649950

kokoli, 25 Jan 2017This phone is smooth for the use at first time,but slowly it tu... morethis phone has a 2 GB RAM version, only a little bit more expensive. And I think that's enough for social media, medium size game, but the internal storage is to small..

  • AnonD-649950

Shanea, 11 Feb 2017I cant open my cellphone (zenfone Asus Z007) because I accidenta... moremaybe you can put your phone into bunch of rice (raw rice) for few hours. It can dry insides your smartphones, I sucessfully try on my sister's Lumia phone. And don't forget to remove your battery.

  • Shanea

I cant open my cellphone (zenfone Asus Z007) because I accidentally drop it to the water. I think it's 30 seconds in the water then I took it and open it quickly. And now it's not opening. Can you suggest what can I do?

  • Anonymous

I have a bootloop problem for 2months,then i watch youtube for flashing this phone and it work,next project to root this phone and freeze uninstall play store

  • Anonymous

I cant use the DATA... its B****it fone

  • kokoli

Nizam, 10 Sep 2016Very bad phone. Any time phone used this one heating. i don't li... moreThis phone is smooth for the use at first time,but slowly it turn to some little damage.It take more space consume by updating application.Overall everything best.I like Asus phone for it graphics for playing games ,but my phone's RAM only 1gb so ,my large game stopped easily.Though xiaomi redmi only 1gb RAM ,but it's too stronger than Zenfone C.

  • Feev

Dewa1999, 29 Nov 2016My phone hv problem unfortunately system ui has been stopped > _Same with me

  • sachin

sang, 08 Dec 2016this is 4g phoneNot 4g support...

  • sang

this is 4g phone

  • Dewa1999

My phone hv problem unfortunately system ui has been stopped > _

  • Joeyy

This phone is good.But,sometimes is heating when I play games.

  • Chloe1994

I have 1 problem in this phone 'Unfortunately system UI has been stopped'.

  • botak

zenfone only work well when you root, but becarefull guy when rooting, it will brick you phone when you done wrong...

  • RachelAmber_94

I have been using this phone and its good.I downloaded 6 game and no lag ;-)

  • AnonD-603830

I sold my zenfone 4 for this zenfone C and hoping a better phone, but Im wrong
This fone is worst than my previous zenfone 4, so dissapointed to zenfone C.
Bad camera (rear-front), zenfone 4's front camera is better than this zenfone c's front camera, also rear camera but unfortunately zenfone 4 have no flash but the camera is good.
I can play Asphalt Nitro smoothly with Zenfone 4, its very different with Zenfone C feels like you play NFS Most Wanted using 64MB VGA Card, Lol
So many useless bloatware on this fone consuming 1GB Ram and battery. Hopping for Lollipop updation so I can use the ultimate solution for Ram and battery problem: Asus Auto-start Manager just like my previous Zenfone 4.
Finally, after long waiting for Lollipop updation for this fone that couldn't happen, I sell this fone and now Im Sony Experia ZR user.


  • RereRayendra

Used this phone for more than a year.
Pros :
-Price, less than $100
-Camera, quite good for the price
-Design, better than competitors
Cons :
-Heat, it's heats all the time
-Battery, It can't last for a day
-Crashes every week

  • someone

For Zenfone C user, please root the phone. Remove any unused bloatware including apps cleaner or booster apps. FYI the apps itself create heat for you to keep believing on heat issues. Mine doing great after rooted, and all the unused/booster apps removed.