Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1) ZB570TL

Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1) ZB570TL

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  • Dan

Is there any update?

  • ZB570TL

My Zb570tl touch not functi0n after down 20cm on the floor.

  • Anonymous

I cannot use my back camera and also my flashlight was hidden. Need help

  • Solitude

len, 21 Mar 2019Bad phone ever! Screen display have lines after 8 months of usi... morethen you never should have updated haahhah

  • dj

it heats up all the time

  • Ross

I bought the ASUS_X018D cell phone one year ago. My requirements were A) Factory unlocked set B) at least dual SIM provisions C) Decent battery life D) Octa-Core processor 1.5 or higher E) Decent internal RAM, i got the model best buy had, 32GB F) Micro SD provision G) Decent graphics, most definitely NOT top of the line, i don't need top of the line. H) and decent price, approx $200.00 Bottom line, this ASUS_X018D has exceeded all my expectations, i truly got my money's worth. Sooooo to all those reviews that disparraged this cell phone, you have been proven wrong. i remember at the time before i bought this cell phone some people dogged this cell for allegedly getting extremely hot that almost caught on fire they claimed; i say NONSENSE!!!! The battery gets a little warm when phone is being used for extended periods of time(i never have run out of charge); but NEVER caught on fire. the fact that the battery warms up is merely simple physics.

  • Anonymous

Nick, 28 Mar 2019Not a bad phone at all. I use mine when I travel. Though the spe... morewow. I just bought a max plus and. You just made my mind. I certainly hope its a good handset. it looks like one too. and the specs also screams buy ME !

  • Kudo

Max m1 plus 8 months, 03 Mar 2019With screen brightness settings set at minimal, power saving opt... moreBattery drains fast..huhuhu

  • Nick

Not a bad phone at all. I use mine when I travel. Though the specs don't make the phone look that great on paper, it's pretty quick and responsive. I think it actually got faster with the Oreo update. There are two things I really love about this phone, (1) the phone supports dual sims plus an additional tray for microSD (most phones have a secondary tray that works for a sim or SD card not both), (2) The specs don't say so, but this phone supports AptX!

  • Lew

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2019How long does it last? Are there any other problems with the pho... moreDon't consider it for game play or something it can't even support pubg in low without lag. Great rear camera thou it's bad when it's low light, pic quality go way down. The build quality is very solid I have dropped it for many times still functioning ,PLEASE note they
Have serious issues with their software after I updated their software my phones performance dropped and automatically restart for couples of time if buy try not to update.

  • alvin

Neil, 12 Mar 2019Please release an update soon. My phone is useless after the ore... morepls how to update max plus m1 to 8.0 oreo?

  • len

Bad phone ever! Screen display have lines after 8 months of using. Battery drains fast. Updating to Oreo made it worst! Big mistake and waste of money when you buy this cellphone!

  • Claire

This phone is the worst phone I have ever had ! Really ! After 11 month the batterie last 1 day, the quality of the photos is reeeeeaally horrible. And most of the time it takes at least 30 secondes to open an app. Don't even think of taking a photo quickly, by the time the camera open, the thing you want to photograph will be gone

  • Neil

Please release an update soon. My phone is useless after the oreo update. I cant get any service here in Manila Philippines. Please fix the problem.

  • Yodo8010

After a year of using this phone I am disappointed, battery drains fast and signal is problematic here in the Philippines. If you are looking for a decent phone AVOID THIS ONE.

  • Jobert

So very baterry draining

  • Max m1 plus 8 months

With screen brightness settings set at minimal, power saving options set properly, battery lasts 2 to 3 days with minimal use. Lasts 16 to 24 hours average use. 6 to 8 hours heavy usage. Continuous usage gaming 4 to 6 hours. I am not sure if this helps, but this is what I experienced. One more thing, battery gets hot and feels hotter than other phones because of alumminum case. It does not affect performance but makes you feel worried about the phone. On oreo now, still waiting if the phone will be updated to pie.. But pie update is 50/50.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

lhen, 21 Feb 2019The battery drains easily, false advertisementI think its the massive screen+power hungry chipset that causes this, the battery should be fine at 4000mAh+ but this hardware combo may be the issue...

  • lhen

The battery drains easily, false advertisement

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2019batter is not good, it gets drained too easliyHow long does it last? Are there any other problems with the phone? I am considering this and Xiami 8 Lite so yeah so confusing. Thank you.