Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1) ZB570TL

Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1) ZB570TL

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2019batter is not good, it gets drained too easliyHow long does it last? Are there any other problems with the phone? I am considering this and Xiami 8 Lite so yeah so confusing. Thank you.

  • Hayahaya

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019Same problem. No signal for 4G. Only 3G can be used. 4g problem. Unable to used 4g. Worst cellphone ever

  • Anonymous

batter is not good, it gets drained too easliy

  • shark1501212

check for the 4g settings.

  • Anonymous

Heisenberg, 13 Sep 2018Hey there's one thing good about this phone. You can use it to i... morehahahahaha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2018after the upgrade to oreo 2 days ago, the phone became problemat... moreSame problem. No signal for 4G. Only 3G can be used.

  • Roga1979

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2018Alarm clock (ASUS default and other ones I downloaded) regularly... moreI have same problem.

  • Anonymous

battery drained in 2hours after playing. 3hours charge 50% what a joke battery king

  • Adalberto

My opinion: It's a good phone, especially if you are a normal user. My example: Instagram + Pokémon Go + YouTube + Callings + Music + Typing Documents, at the end of the day my battery percentage is between 30 and 40. Camera is not the best, but works well. The sound is awesome for that kind of phone and system is decent (Oreo works worse than Nougat version, some crashes suddenly). If you are an older Asus user, all features and tools come from own Asus is there, works very well. Just an advice, that phone uses Mediatek processor, so when you use a lot your phone, it could became warm, it's normal. That is my experience with 5 months, I am a Brazilian user and my version has 3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, accept SD card expansion and 2 chips.

  • waiting..

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2018any thoughts on the Oreo Update?still waiting for the update

  • Anonymous

any thoughts on the Oreo Update?

  • TechGuy

There seems to be more bugs and random crashes from the default factory settings on Android 7.0. After having the phone pull the updated 8.1.0 - Oreo the system is running a lot more smoother. I am running a second line on the identical but Silver edition of this phone (Model ASUS_X018D 32Gb) It will not see the 8.1.0 update as available and the phone will crash randomly when in use. Applications freezes in the middle of usage, freezing behavior continues after multiple factory resets, I am submitting a return request for the Silver and try again on the Black edition of the phone.

  • DM

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2018camera too cool! performance 8/10, it just happen to heat fast w... moreme too having the same problem . by just turning ON the data and just screen is OFF it feels warm and heats up .. what should i do ?

  • Tang

It really sucks after updating.. Asus company should fix this..

  • Anonymous

After updating my to OS to OREO, the phone becomes laggy and the only game I am playing crashes a lot. Hope that ASUS will fix this mess immediately in the future update.

  • ed

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2018after the upgrade to oreo 2 days ago, the phone became problemat... moresame problem

  • Anonymous

Louie, 10 Dec 2018You guys need to report the problem to Asus support for immediat... moreyes they are already working on it but the release of the fix is still due first quarter of 2019

  • Anonymous

I just bought mine. My phones heats up during games. Should I be alarm?

  • Fred

Louie, 10 Dec 2018Pubg should be playable because of its dual graphics engine (T86... moreYou can just set the graphics option to low if the game does not run.This phone is not designed for gaming but it has very good features compared to other phone in its category. Its LTE data is very fast if LTE-Advanced is activated.I played also games in this cool phone and I enjoyed it.

  • Louie

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2018It started when I upgraded my phone to Android Oreo... by the wa... moreYou guys need to report the problem to Asus support for immediate fix action.Asus is active/faster in giving updates than other brands as I experienced.