Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • Max

Just wanted to ask if the Zenfone Max Pro M2 cases could fit in my M1? Hope someone can confirm this. Thanks.

  • Astatine

Arpit Katiyar, 10 Oct 2021I had been using this handset for 4 years and the issues i ... moreIt does support AAC, I use OnePlus Bullets Wireless with it on AAC. I am not on Stock ROM though, using Android 11 Pixel Experience. A12 for this coming in a month.

  • Arpit Katiyar

I had been using this handset for 4 years and the issues i encountered were
1.i got it's battery replaced in feb 2021 because it started swelling.
2. It's bluetooth version support just SBC codec ( embarrassing).Norma phones support AAC and AptX. Also the chipset is very cheap. It sounds like muffled sounds lacking details and instruments separation. Not at all for audiophiles.
3.It's audio jack deiver a bit improvment but almost same sound.
4.It's wifi Chipset doesn't support 5ghz wifi. What a shame ASUS? Seriously in 18000 u can't put a decent wifi chipset? Even my MI4 supports it which i bought in 2014 (i think)

Was a dependable device from 2019 till last week, when suddenly the screen went blank while browsing Quora site. I don't play games. Later understood that it was a failure of Device Memory. Had to change the Memory. Lost all the stored apps not backed up in Google.
Speaker has deteriorated in two years of use.

  • Siddharth

Very good experience with this phone.ising since last 3 years. Within 1st year, had some malfunction where company replaced the display of rs10000 for free

  • shivareddy m

this mobile strenght was awesomeoverall is good from 2 1/2 years but only issue is speaker always going bad condition.must be replace again and agine..

  • Anonymous

best budget phone i've ever had. 2 years using it and still working fine. I hope Asus continue making M series in the future.

  • Beno

Can I update to android 11 and is it safe to?

  • jock

By far the best phone I had...Wonder why asus stopped making budget models

  • anon

best phone ever, almost 3 years. all i do was custom rom back at 2019 and been sticking to it till now.

my previous phone was Redmi 4x and it is the most troublesome phone. if i don't flash new rom every 3 months, it will heat up even just for browsing.

but this max pro m1, never heat and never slow down. amazing budget phone from asus. too bad they don't give budget phone again

  • Perfectionist

I bought this phone on nov 2018, during these (almost) three years of heavy use I had 0 software issues, I always download the latest official software updates from asus & now still using the android 9 version (still works good :)

The only problem I had several months ago was battery bulging & it drained power rapidly.. I think it's because I often play games with the charger plugged in when low battery, but then I replaced the battery & now its working again like new..

It fell many times from my pocket & from tables but all the components (camera, lcd etc..) still working fine, the impact only damaged the tempered glass.. Surprisingly it also survived wet conditions in my pant's pocket after I got showered by heavy rain several times over.. IDK if it has something to do with the protective silicone casing which I always use or just my luck..

My main purpose buying this phone was for gaming, (I play MLBB, PUBGM, CODM, LOL:WR & some others smoothly on this 4/64 device) so I didn't gave too much thought on camera quality.. but IMO the picture/video quality itself is somewhat okay-ish or still torelable at the very least..

So my conclusion: This is a sturdy & reliable mid-range phone that is quite good for gaming, but if you're looking for a phone with a "good" camera, Max Pro M1 is not the one for you.

Nai, 16 Sep 2021Bought this phone last 12/2018 and still working fine. Same here my friend.

  • Anonymous

Rengg, 17 Sep 2021Bought it at November 2018. Still working fine, battery sti... moreHow did you update to android Q?

  • Rengg

Bought it at November 2018. Still working fine, battery still strong and just update to android Q. Makes it more smooth and fun to use. You can download Android 10 (Q) in the Asus official website and upgrade by yourself.

  • Nai

Bought this phone last 12/2018 and still working fine.

  • Raghu

I got tis phone on sep 2018., Now today is sep 2021,it's been 3 years , I'm facing battery problem issue , it switch offs automatically every 2 minutes., Battery bulging , mic not working ,
In this 3 years no android updates I received .. it's still android 9..
I'm using 6 gb 64 variant ,. Primary camera does not give clear visuals, parts or not available easily outside , have to got service center.. anyway it was pretty smooth until tis 3 year , now I'm gonna change to oppo Reno 6 pro

  • Cirilla of Cintra

Max Pro M1 user since 2018. still working fine.

  • asd

I used to use this phone from 2018, before it drop on the water

The best smartphone i'd ever had

  • MasPian

I used this phone 3 year problem. The best smartphone

I used to use this phone 2 - 3 years ago before change to Poco X3, the problem is I shutdown the phone when it's jammed then after reboot there's a sentences appears said "encrypted something something" I forgot and can't use anymore, friend said if repair it would cost around half the price of the phone. Smh. 😔