Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • Elmbrotor

Kakarot, 12 Nov 2019hello guys. question, after about a six month usage of this... moreJust now, when charging my m1 pro, noticed screen separating from the body. Notice my battery discharge and charge at a fast rate.

  • Anonymous

This phone has been having issues with battery charging. It now takes a very long time for the battery to charge. It took about 9 hours for the phone to charge from 0% to 85%. I thought the problem was solved after I downloaded the android security patch because it took 2hrs to to charge from 11% to 50% but immediately it got to 50% it then took 3hrs for it to charge to from 50% to 58%. The phone in question here is ZB602KL (the Taiwanese make)

  • Anonymous

How to wps wps connect any solution sir plz.. check

  • Leidenfrozt

Aizadarsat, 28 Jul 2020Hello guys, i am using for m1 pro for 2 years, i have probl... moreTry to change your home launcher to a custom one. i have this problem and i have changed my default home launcher with POCO Launcher. Default home launcher (launcher3) is tend to stopped working frequently thus affect overall system stability.

  • Jun24

Jack, 22 Dec 2019If u read this comment, believe me. This phone is very good... moreYes that's true I downgrade my ASUS MPM1 to Oreo 340 it has good battery back-up and stable signal rather than pie or A10

  • Aizadarsat

Hello guys, i am using for m1 pro for 2 years, i have problem with screen, sometime its lag, i cant scroll anything, anyone have solution or same haved problem

  • Shubham

I'm using this phone since long time and it is pretty good. The signal reception is better in this phone than my Redmi K20 Pro and Galaxy M21. It has recieved many updates, I don't think any other brand has supported a budget smartphone for this long. Android 10 is in the horizon and I'm happy though late Asus will at least provide the update. Waiting for Max Pro M3 if it ever launches.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2020Mobile data connection is garbage. 4G connection stops for ... moreI'm facing same issue

  • Anonymous

Mobile data connection is garbage. 4G connection stops for no reason and it's not my data provider. I tested this doesn't happen in other phones.

i used for 1 year

the biggest issue is Network Connectivity
always drop line from 4G to H or disconnect recently (2019-2020)

not recommended


Anonymous, 16 Feb 2020Damn I agree with your complain......what are they doing wi... moreLol try to be a gamer addict and see how much are you going to complain

Si, 08 Dec 2019Yes, battery drain on Android 9 is a bad issue. That's why ... moreCan I use this method if my bootloader is still locked? I should also mention that I'm on 082 pie build. Can I still go back to Oreo?

  • Gus

jamie, 27 Jun 2020Is there a need to put a scratch guard on this phone as it ... moreI have put a clear plastic cover on this phone and all tablets. Used a roll of sticky back clear plastic.

  • Habib m

Supper sound in head fone , great battery double better than mi,realme oppo vivo ,bought broken display phone second+ repaired & ussing it , go to it mast che

  • Anonymous

BoyMadD, 22 Jun 2020Almost a year with it and still have the same great perform... moreWhen aw

  • jamie

Is there a need to put a scratch guard on this phone as it does not have any kind of protection for the display screen?

  • PotatoMan

Luxor, 06 Jun 2020It's not the phone became slower. It's just the game are be... moreAgreed

Almost a year with it and still have the same great performance and no lag. Love it, this phone is the reason i become an Asus fanboy and stock Android lover.

  • KKR

I'm using this device for last one and half years. I did install Android 10 developer preview. I like the new gesture interface and fluidity. Already this device has excellent screen battery and speakers. Now user interface is best in-class and this is the most valuable device for the buck. Looking to receive the official Android 10 update soon. If any one planning to buy new device below 9k in india, Blindly go for this even in mid of 2020. You will never regret.

TheArtist, 14 May 2020Well I'm a long time user of Asus Max Pro M1 4GB 64GB Varia... moreIt's not the phone became slower. It's just the game are becoming more heavy after keep receiving updates over the year. As year go by, the more the games are updated it will increasingly becoming heavier for old phone to handle.