Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • sequel

Asus should make a true sequel of this phone since max pro m2 suckass, with thin bezel (rog phone style), no notch, 19:5:9 ratio, snapdragon 700 series, headphone jack, triple slot, same 5000 mAh, oled 90hz hdr support with 180hz touch sampling, nfc multi function, same body size, metal back, side/rear fingerprint scanner, decent cameras, sub 200g, ufs 2.1 or higher, usb type-c, bluetooth 5.1, dual band wifi, dual band gps, notification led, 3d face unlock if can.

also use zen ui since stock android lacking features
i would buy it for 350 dollars

  • pogi321

my phone shut down while playing and when i try to open i again it fails, it just stacked in. and it was useless now. i just used it for more than a year lol

  • Anonymous

I have this phone since 2019. Still work like new. No issue except the android 10 not coming at all. I got over it and just live with this android 9 I guess. I can't change this phone to any other brand since there are not many manufacturer making stock android phone anymore. I love stock android because there are no lagging issue and it doesn't eat up too much memories on default. Hoping Asus to make a new one with the latest design and chipset. Hoping for SD700 series at least.

  • Bungeeking

Every time I travel to the Mainland I come across problems with WIFI issues. Quite often like now my Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 fails to access the internet even though I succeeded in signing on my hotel WIFI. No matter, the phone indicates the signal is strong however I just can't get into the internet. People would tell me it is a router problem but in this case obviously it is not. Can any one help please?

Have been using since 2019 here is my experience
Built like a tank,but slippry without a case
Good display
Good speaker
Good call quality
Stock android
Average camera
Excellent battery

Asus promised android 10 and started seeding beta version and even after getting 4 beta updates it's still stuck on beta android 10
So much for being a pure android experience

  • Mojtaba Rezaeian

I have bought this phone in 2019(more than a year ago) and I love it so much.. It was cheap in price but very powerfull and well designed. Also have really good graphics for gaming. Thank you ASUS. I trusted ASUS at first because of its high quality and cheap motherboards and they did not disappointed me for buying their smartphone too. Hope them to continue because its much better than samsung (I had galaxy S5 g900h before this phone and it was so much troublemaker(much of screen problems for example on low brightness or getting too warm!) even at first year of use.. but ASUS quality and performance was much better for me making me to feel I bought an apple quality device but less even than Samsung price!) Still using that device smoothly as its first day I bought!

  • Zick

Aurora, 17 Mar 2021Lol my M1 pro already use android 10, you just updated manu... moreWhat is the title in the youtube tutorial bro for me to upgrade my Asus M1 to Android 10? Ty so much 💚🤜

  • Chiru

There is an android 10 upgrade available. Just not an OTA update. You need to download the right upgrade file from the Asus website and install it. It's not complicated and won't delete your data, but it is suggested you backup your files and do a clean install.
I upgraded 10 days ago and it's definitely worth it. Even battery backup has increased approximately by 10-15%. My selfie flash never that hadn't worked since I brought the phone 2 and half years ago now works. (I didn't even know my phone had a selfie flash till last week :D). You should go for it. Just make sure to backup data.

  • Aurora

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021I am using the 6GB variant since Dec 2018. Everything is st... moreLol my M1 pro already use android 10, you just updated manually in asus max pro m1 tool. Check youtube for tutorial

  • Anonymous

i've been using it since 2018 but now the battery is starting to swell.

  • Anonymous

I am using the 6GB variant since Dec 2018. Everything is still good. But there is only one problem, The developer of ASUS still don't update it to Android 10.

  • Gokuu

6gb variant is working like new since last 3 clicked are of very good quality in all light conditions with gCam ..only CON is slow charging speed..takes about 2.5 hr to charge fully....thinking to upgrade ... suggest a phone with near stock UI with good camera in this price range Moto g 5g/ samsung m51 good in camera ?

  • Dillibabu k

Any one updated guys android 11 please send me a link bro

  • J

Terrible camera quality (especially in low light), fingerprint bit slow. But C'mon what do ya expect from $200 phone? It's basically lite version of Zenfone 5 XD.

  • Anonymous

Dreify, 12 Feb 2021How to order batt of Asus max pro m1Search using query "zb601kl battery"

  • Dreify

How to order batt of Asus max pro m1

  • Totz

Can I use 5a cable in my Asus Zenfone max pro m1?

  • bobby

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Hloo Bro,pls help.. it's been 2yrs using asusproM1 mob... morethe battery must be replaced

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Hloo Bro,pls help.. it's been 2yrs using asusproM1 mob... moreJust replace your battery. You may get over 9 hours screen on time after replacing it

  • Anonymous

zqaonny1991, 09 Nov 2020I get this coffee phone while thinking the battery is roma-... moreHloo Bro,pls help.. it's been 2yrs using asusproM1 mobile.. but now battery performance was too bad,it draining fast within an hour.. can you please suggest,is it better to replace battery! Or charger..