Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • Anonymous

Bought the 3/32 version here in Indonesia for $113. Came with Jan 19 security update and so I updated it several time, right now at 055 firmware.

Have to say I'm impressed. It feels nice on hand and love the battery life. Constantly got around 12 hours SOT on 2 days of usage while always connected to wifi. Never see or feel the bugs that comments have told here, no idle drain either only drops 4-5% overnight so I'm a bit confused about the bugs that you guys have been talking about.

Perfectly happy with my purchase. Looks a bit retro though with big forehead and chin compared to notchly phone around me but I really love the price/performance, battery, triple slot and headphone jack. Micro usb port and the lack of quick charging are the only minus for me.

  • Anonymous

android 10
the first Android 10 third-party custom ROM is now available on XDA forum. It is only available for the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 smartphone

  • M1 user

Santhosh, 24 Jul 2019Yes. What you say is right. My screen is also broken fell from m... moreBuy motorola force or common motorola, having the biggest patent on mobile due a lot of research to bring the right material to prevent crack

  • TheArtist

Battery life is dropped in Pie 56 update. I bought it just a few days ago. Before that, I had two of this phone. Had to sell due to software bugs. Bought recently as a secondary phone. PUBG Lags even in smooth graphics and high frame rate. Oreo was good for this phone. Anyone know detailed procedure to roll back to Oreo?

  • Captaindras

How about 60fps ? I use Google camera with 60fps ,but i just got 42fps

  • CriVale

Eng_learnr, 25 Aug 2019How do u know, you need to enable camera2api and the only way to... moreThat's not necessary tho. All you need to do is just enable usb debugging, reboot device and enter fastboot mode while connecting your device to pc or laptop, type some command on cmd or use program that you can find by googling it, then its done. Your device is not rooted and you can still enable your camera2api

  • keedc

need help. i cant use mobile data for sim slot 2.or it isnt possible?

  • Anonymous

Eng_learnr, 25 Aug 2019How do u know, you need to enable camera2api and the only way to... moreNo, you don't need to. Google "Asus Max Pro M1 enable camera2api without root" and you can find many.

Boot into fastboot mode and just use a command to enable it, it doesn't required rooting and it won't root your device. So your device will still in warranty and will receive OTA updates.

  • Eng_learnr

F.galaxy, 13 Aug 2019No no noHow do u know, you need to enable camera2api and the only way to do it is to root your device.

  • Dwiky

Max pro m1 battery 5000 mAh Li-Ion or Li-Po? I see in cpu z said it's Li-ion, which true?

  • Anonymous

Indoasik, 21 Jul 2019Yes now you can use google cam Im use at zenfone max pro m1 3gb Im using 4gb model, its not enabled by default. if we enable it manually will we receive ota updates?

Eng_learnr, 08 Aug 2019But does it void my warranty?No no no

But Samsung Class 1st microSD Card. It's faster & cheaper than SanDisk. Also, appload speed and random read/write is more than or equal to SanDisk. I'm using 64GB. You can get it for near 800 with offers.

  • Anonymous

king, 09 Jul 2019Are using micro sd card as default storage for camera? If class... moreI tried this and it worked. Thank you! I really need my camera especially now that classes are back.

About the micro sd (if you are using one or if you know a brand) what should i get for a replacement to my current micro sd? Btw, i'm using Sandisk.

  • Anonymous

raaj, 03 Jul 2019force stop camera app and then reopen it, its happening randomly... moreI tried this multiple times both with the camera and the photos, sadly it did not work.

Another reply i got recommending setting the photo storage to internal (/phone) storage, weirdly enough it did work. Every time i set the photo storage to my sd card, the pictures just wouldnt load, but if the pictures goes to my internal storage, it would. Its either i would need to buy a new sd card or i will have to manually transfer my pictures to my current sd card.

Anyway, thank you for the help.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 22 Jul 2019What build number version to get that 3 hour? I heard 340 update... moreWhat worst

  • Eng_learnr

aaditya1234, 06 Aug 2019Can go for google camera after enabling camera 2 api, I have see... moreBut does it void my warranty?

Eng_learnr, 04 Aug 2019Just bought max pro m1 last month and update it to android p, an... moreCan go for google camera after enabling camera 2 api, I have seen that it greatly improves the quality of the pics.

  • Eng_learnr

Just bought max pro m1 last month and update it to android p, and i can say that there's no problem or bug that listed in this comment section. but the problem is there's no manual/pro mode in the camera, hope that they'll enable it.

Sry 4 my bad english.

  • Nick

While Playing pubg screen freeze for a second why this happened in this phone.