Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • KKR

I'm using this device for last one and half years. I did install Android 10 developer preview. I like the new gesture interface and fluidity. Already this device has excellent screen battery and speakers. Now user interface is best in-class and this is the most valuable device for the buck. Looking to receive the official Android 10 update soon. If any one planning to buy new device below 9k in india, Blindly go for this even in mid of 2020. You will never regret.

TheArtist, 14 May 2020Well I'm a long time user of Asus Max Pro M1 4GB 64GB Varia... moreIt's not the phone became slower. It's just the game are becoming more heavy after keep receiving updates over the year. As year go by, the more the games are updated it will increasingly becoming heavier for old phone to handle.

  • Simon

Sir where can I find WPS push button ?

  • mpm1

Jas, 23 May 2020Same Problem with my phone.Clean your charging port. Should solve it.

Using the Max Pro M1 almost 2Yrs+,(3GB+32,Malaysia Version)bought it for RM599 when they launch in Lazada. Within these two years I really enjoyed using this device, screen is really good as the ppi is 404, its really nice for gaming and watchin vids(not comparing with amoleds screen). Performance wise, the SD636 rly bring gaming quite good for these two years for a midrange, played pubg since the day I bought these phone, set graphic setting "Balanced' and frame rate to high will get the job done, Mobile legend is possible to set high graphic and high frame rate too, only these two games I played the most during these two years, other light gaming as well. Multitasking is overall so so, if u have WhatsApp opening and chrome, swap app will be okay but if WhatsApp back to pubg or any heavy games you'll need to reload the game again, cant do nothing as I'm using the 3gb variant.

I'm a heavy user as well, I do photo and video editing sometimes, long hours gaming, Netflix streaming etc. The battery(5000mAh) till to date, it does last a day for me sometimes, high usage will last around 6 or 8 hours for me, lets say rite now, I can play at least 5 or 6 rounds of pubg and left around 50-60% of the battery, average per round maybe 24.8 min(not precisely count). For the camera, it uses the original SD's camera setting(not sure about this, but I read an article before). The only thing that I enjoyed in it is recording 1080+stabilization and 4K UHD & DCI(no stabilization), for photo shooting, I'm using the Gcam for years too, recently there's this gcam apk which produce quite good picture than the previous version but not the best but good one.

The software in this device is so so, yes I do get Pie Update, security patch update not monthly but almost 1.5 month to get it, overall am still satisfied although there's delay for the A10 update for it. Storage is where it gets me sad sometimes, haha, need to manually clear cache for each apps to get some storage, not to say that I have SD card slot in too, saved all my taken photo, recorder videos and Netflix in-app downloads too. Fingerprint sensor still functioning averagely, speakers still loud and good. Charging the device still takes within 2hrs.

Last but not least, the device is gonna doing well for an average user in 2020, you can get it around RM450++(4GB+64) at Lazada, if there's a flash sale u can get it as low as RM399, this price really can compete with other low range phones like the Redmi 8a, Redmi 8 and others too, not gonna do any comparison because everyone has own personal preference. Btw, my previous phone was the old Asus Zenfone 5 and has been with me for more than 4 years till I change too the M1🤣.

I using Zenfone Max Pro M1 around 2 years, nothing go wrong, phone work as usual and good condition.

  • heimdalvix

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020Not recommended to buy in 2020, this phone is getting worse... moreno shit, I play all of that game and phone is absolutely stunning .. don't blame the phone, u just got unlucky ..

  • Jas

mpm1, 21 May 2020getting 'reverse charging' notification repeatedly. Phone n... moreSame Problem with my phone.

  • mpm1

mpm1, 21 May 2020getting 'reverse charging' notification repeatedly. Phone n... moreProblem solved, charging port was dirty with lot of dust and dirt :D
charging well after cleaning the port and charging cable.
My only problem with the phone is sub par antennas. They really struggle inside buildings where even my 5+ year old One plus One does great.

  • mpm1

getting 'reverse charging' notification repeatedly. Phone no longer gaining charge. Battery was doing great until yesterday. Now suddenly this problem has come up.

  • Aiman-Kun

+ 6gb Ram with that price range
+ Decent camera & audio
+ Big battery life
+ Can play ML without lagging due to graphic
+ Decent Android 8

- Internet connection are often drop (poor antenna hardware)
- only normal charging (fastest can go is 5V-2A), Quick Charge will not work. In fact, it will slow down charging speed by ~60%
- Android 10 upgrade was dropped by developer team (for now)
- Thumb print at back of phone will reduce it sensitivity over time

Verdict: 7/10 (Decent)
- very decent for its price range
- the best budget phone for ~RM600

  • TheArtist

Well I'm a long time user of Asus Max Pro M1 4GB 64GB Variant and an early adopter. When this phone came out, the specs were great for a entry mid ranger and I specifically bought this phone for PUBG Mobile as it had a decent processor, big screen and a big battery. A year back, I was able to play PUBG Mobile with minor lags in smooth and high settings but fast forward to 2020 and the game is barely playable on this phone and even the GFX tools do not help the gameplay. I'm just waiting to see if Android 10 will be any good on this phone. If Android 10 upgrade is good, I might keep this phone for another year for basic usage.

  • Robert

I want to know whether my model is zb601kl or zb602
I've bought 4 gb ram and 32 gb internal storage

  • Sombhai

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2019hi guys asus zenfone max pro 1 reverse battery issue ca... moreI have same problem of reverse charge problem and have to shutdown for recharging every time.
Any solutions.
Thanks in advance.

  • Sombhai

Having problem of popping up reversing charge. Also have to charge after shutting phone every time. Any soĺutiin ?

  • AnoM

Kakek Sugiono, 09 Apr 2020thats because you re noob in usage , try custom rom your ph... moreHe is not noob.Are you sure custom rom will solve everything?
If really is a bug, I can also say is the game bug that doesn't tune down the graffic and processing for lower end processor.
I have use many smartphone before, and gaming on heavy graffic and high processing game is always not reliable.
Then, smartphone are not like PC, where you can upgrade the processor and graffic card. So, when a game run freeze and hang, it will be totally out of luck. Those manufacturer and game company suggestion is to ask you buy more expensive/latest phone to play, and blame on your outdated and low end phone, and your pocket.

  • AnoM

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020Not recommended to buy in 2020, this phone is getting worse... moreYou should blame these game makes the hardware requirement higher until you cannot play those game with low end specs smartphone.
Then, these game you mention are not really designed for such low end hardware.
It is normal you get hang/freeze.
Get a proper smartphone with at least SD845 processor, or buy gaming phone for the heavy gaming purpose.

  • Yash

Caprizen, 18 Apr 2020Can you help me instal GCam I'm on Android 9.0 and It fails... moreYou should enable camera2api to use gcam.
Here is the link:

And this is hassle free process as Asus has given enthusiast this option to toggle on just by using fastboot method and without going through rooting or warranty void so you don't have to worry about anything, just follow the guide.

  • Caprizen

Warn Metal, 12 Apr 2020Well this phone was great!!!! to get beautiful dan sharp pi... moreCan you help me instal GCam I'm on Android 9.0 and It fails to Launch?

  • Warn Metal

Well this phone was great!!!! to get beautiful dan sharp pic you need to install GCam. thats the secret. you should try too. I love this phone. NO regret buying it