Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) ZB601KL/ZB602K

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  • kingin

bought this phone last 2018 and still using it now but the problem is the powerbutton, fingerprint sensor and tap screen arent working at all. i need someone who would message me or call me so that this phone will open

  • Prince

From 1 week my phone s video recorder has stopped working for no reason..
Camera says - couldn't start media recorder recording can't start...
Plz tell me what to do..
M very upset

  • Wishkey

Have it for almost 1 years.

love the performance, love the battery..

And I really hate the USB MTP... try everything to connect it to PC, it charges, it can show there's a device there, but completely empty when you open it.

too bad, ASUS. for this good hardware, you're fail to give this phone a perfect soul.

Sorry, It could be 8 or 9 of 10 and ASUS just make it down to 4/10 thanks to the MTP design.

If you love to transfer your media (picture, video, music) from or to your cellular phone, stay away from this one! (unless you capable in doing some programming in your PC and phone)

  • B I Shindhur

i am using 64 + 6 gb After latest version update some time mobile automatically restart. when i receive the call sometimes voice not hearing from other side and its not only my problem my friend also purchased the same mobile we both facing same problems other wise mobile is so good. Please update the new version or solve the problems

thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2019Huh? I'm using 3/32 version on the latest update and no iss... morePlz give link

  • Mr Red

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2019Huh? I'm using 3/32 version on the latest update and no iss... moreagree with you. mine also use 3gb rom/ 32gb memory with no problem at all. already update manually to 060. much better than before and nearly 1 year installed Gcam with no buggy.

  • Sk

If u having battery problem try stop the backup Sync of Google photos. In my case this works

  • BP

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2019After the december update in the Taiwanese version the came... moreI can confirm that something is wrong, after the last update, my bluetooth doesnt work at all.

  • Anonymous

Huh? I'm using 3/32 version on the latest update and no issues at all. 13-14 hours SOT with always connected to wifi. No slowdowns, no battery drains, no problem at all. I could open several apps, took some photos with Gcam or something with no slowdown so I'm confused with those complains.

What the hell are you guys doing with your phone honestly? :/

  • Jack

If u read this comment, believe me. This phone is very good performance when use Oreo, especially with 339 firmware. The pie update is disaster, its drain, freeze and bad interface. So downgrade to 339 or 340, good signal, very good battery, interface also stabil in performance.

  • Anonymous

After the december update in the Taiwanese version the camera stopped working and even the torchlight.

  • Anonymous

After 060 december update: battery drain, charging slower, Gallery system running bug.

Typical asus, rolling out update to fix 1 bug and giving us another 5 bugs.

  • Alex

Awful phone, battery charging is very slow so slower than my LG X Power. And battery usage is DRAIN faster.

Not a recommended phone, once you opens up to 5 apps at same time it will reload, I cant even upload a photo on Chrome it says memory running awful.. even though I use 6GB / 64GB varian

Bigger pixels, faster our battery will drained.

Be a smart consumer.

  • a4avinash

sandyarcher, 08 Dec 2019Most file managers cannot access the usb. ASUS's own file m... moreXiomi (MI) file manager can. I've tried it.

any buddy having flashlight problem while whatsapp video calling ?? when using rear cam, flashlight option not working while video call...

  • Mint

After November update my ASUS max pro M1, phone has decreased/low sound output.

  • Si

Mat yie, 06 Nov 2019Battery so drain pie in build 058..Yes, battery drain on Android 9 is a bad issue. That's why I decided to downgrade back to Oreo, last build 340. Battery backup is very good again. Apart from the battery problem I didn't like changes in Android Pie, especially removing ability to record voice calls. If you'd like to downgrade to Oreo you'll find the instruction on xda developers forum how to use Asus Flash Tool (AFT). It's fairly simple and doesn't take much time.

Most file managers cannot access the usb. ASUS's own file manager does not properly display the files, fails to sow the file icons. This is either ASUS problem or Oreo's.

  • Poltu

Battery dranig issue please stop battery dranig issue