Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • Addin
  • IVA
  • 25 Aug 2021

My second phone still have it in ziplock bag and the back side is messed up, really nostalgic everytime I see it. 😊

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    • Anonymous
    • t7J
    • 15 Jul 2021

    Asus used to be good, but sadly they didn't innovate enough, and were always lagging behind in software updates. Glad my next phone was a Xiaomi. For what it's worth, my Zenfone Max 2016 is still ok, and havent changed battery yet..but seriously. Never gonna go back to Asus again.

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      • Ex zenfone believer
      • t7r
      • 01 Mar 2021

      My first zenfone was zenfone go. It was awesome until it got snatched. So, when i decided to buy my next asus, i opted for this phone due to the battery. The battery did live up to the expectation but its the only thing that was good about this phone. Super laggy, not for gamers so i ended up buying a huawei. I purchased this on the later days when it was about to be phased out so they figured, it was a good idea upgrading it to marshmallow. They were so wrong. The specs only live up to lollipop os and making it into a marshmallow was a bad idea.

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        • Abish
        • DkQ
        • 20 Jan 2021

        Display, Manual Camera Features, Battery, Build Quality, Equalizer

        Heavy and sluggish UI, slow processor, Grainy Photos in low light, Poor HDR

        Overall a longlasting phone.

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          • Kurapika
          • tA$
          • 16 Jan 2021

          Using it for 4 years and still working exelent

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            • Anonymous
            • KAx
            • 21 Dec 2020

            I am currently using this phone (model :3GB RAM/16GB storage) since 4 years, 3 months.
            Works well. Some problems faced now are:
            1. Battery lasts only for single day.
            2. Some heavy apps take much time to open
            3. Phone hangs sometimes unable to operate.
            4. Have done factory reset for 3-4 times. works best once done.
            5. Last year, it fell in water, but after drying it completely, it was functional again.
            6. Not a single scratch for these years, though how many times it fell fromy my hand. but yesterday, it fell on corner and got multiple cracks all over phone. still functioning properly.
            7. Power/Restart button does not function well. Need to press too hard to get restart menu.

            Still i love this phone. As ASUS is not introducing any latest budget phones, checking for other options like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.

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              • Anonymous
              • wYG
              • 22 Sep 2020

              5 Years Long-lasting, still fully functional.

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                • Anonymous
                • wYL
                • 19 Sep 2020

                My phone is running for 5 years too at the time it served me well up to now everything works just fine but i cant download certain apps anymore like Messenger and no matter how many times it fell out of my pocket i never got a crack I did however have scratches on the sides.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • wYL
                  • 19 Sep 2020

                  My phone is running for 5 years too at the time it served me well up to now everything works just fine but i cant download certain apps anymore like Messenger and no matter how many times it fell out of my pocket i never got a crack I did however have scratches on the sides.

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                    • Intaz
                    • sEI
                    • 15 Jul 2020

                    Krishna, 17 Apr 2020Worst phone from asus...after one year the charger not work... moreNot really. Since 2015 Asus already gives awesome chargers but only for their High end (flagship) phone like zenfone 2 deluxe, 3deluxe, zenfone AR, zenfone 3zoom, zenfone 4/4pro, zenfone 5z, zenfone 6

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                      • Loyal user
                      • IVA
                      • 14 Jul 2020

                      I have used this phone since January 2016 and now it is almost 5 years old. It was a pretty good experience using it overall. Towards the latter half of 2019 it lost some sensitivity of the touch screen and in early 2020 nearly 70% of the screen lost sensitivity. However I do believe I was just unlucky as some of my friends who had the phone just as long did not have these issues. The phone is now quite outdated, if everything was still working I think it can still be used for a number of years if you are just using it for calls,messages and surfing the web or using simple apps like whatsapp and instagram although it does hang sometimes when using the latter. When it was new it could do some gaming but now it's impossible unless it's one of those simple games like candy crush but even then it's slow. It has served me well this past 5 years but I would not recommend someone to buy it today unless you are only going to be using it for the bare minimum like calls and message since even apps like insta might have compatibility issues later on. Thank you Zenfone Max but now it's time for an upgrade.

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                        • nitromento
                        • xhm
                        • 30 May 2020

                        been 3years using this machine, even it still running good, but the battery getting worse each days, even this phone is always recharged on the power switched off. my friend's android from a different brand had better batt performance, reaches more than 2days, on the size of 3000maH..

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                          • CC
                          • U{V
                          • 29 May 2020

                          THIS PHONE does not support for airtel volte services and for full charging is taking so much time atleast 4-5 hours. the charger is damaged after 1 year of buying of this phone. and it is not a fast charger.
                          I didn't satisfied about battery.The full charged battery can down 1% is taking 2-3 hours. And the phone software is running slowly(strucking) and when cellular data is on then the phone will hang on

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                            • Krishna
                            • Dks
                            • 17 Apr 2020

                            Worst phone from asus...after one year the charger not working, not only this mobile asus zenfone max pro m1 also same issue, asus gives very cheap quality chargers, with original charger per hour 30% charging, with other chargers almost i used every company charger per hour 20%...coming to software after one year phone became dead slow...only hardware is good.

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                              • Boo boo desuwa
                              • X$k
                              • 03 Apr 2020

                              It takes 4 -5 hrs for me to fully charge after using this for 5yrs and its somehow gets slower due to 2gb ram but over all a good phone for me

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                                • kk
                                • v$B
                                • 01 Feb 2020

                                worst phone....very slow.

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                                  • Januar20
                                  • u7Y
                                  • 21 Jan 2020

                                  Please help Can anyone explain why my zenfone Z010D ram is 1GB not 2GB???????????

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                                    • Zenfone victim
                                    • I@H
                                    • 09 Dec 2019

                                    The worst phone i ever used. Extreme slowness is the main problem. The thing freezes for 2 to 3 sec every 15 sec. the screen will not respond when tapped at times of attempting to wake it up but the screen capture sounds work. Cant change the message alert tone externally. Going back, the phone is really trashy. I will commend the battery conservation feature though.

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                                      • remz
                                      • PTx
                                      • 11 Nov 2019

                                      still using....but sometimes apps become not responding

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                                        • Pinkpanties
                                        • ibp
                                        • 07 Nov 2019

                                        Still using this phone...RAM is always full 1 GB..just disable all internal apps..