Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • Zenfone victim

The worst phone i ever used. Extreme slowness is the main problem. The thing freezes for 2 to 3 sec every 15 sec. the screen will not respond when tapped at times of attempting to wake it up but the screen capture sounds work. Cant change the message alert tone externally. Going back, the phone is really trashy. I will commend the battery conservation feature though.

  • remz

still using....but sometimes apps become not responding

  • Pinkpanties

Still using this phone...RAM is always full 1 GB..just disable all internal apps..

Sapsz, 29 Apr 2019Still have it. Going strong. Not for gaming, or memory or cpu in... moreSame here. It's a great workhorse. The 5000 Mah battery and the 2 GB ram (most budget phone in that generation mainly come with only 1 GB) really helps prolong its longevity.


You don't need the service center. What you need is:

1. Go to Asus Zenfone Max support site here:­elpDesk_Download/

On the menu choose Android, then on the firmware section and download the latest system which at this moment should be this:
Version WW 8916- dated 2018/03/05. Yes it is 1.52 GBytes large file and download to PC might take some time.
2. You will then need to copy this big file onto a microSD card. After copying the file to microSD card, insert the micro-sd card into the phone.
3. Then press power button and volume down button simultaneously and hold it for a few seconds until the phone shows the recovery screen.
4. Use the volume button to move up and down and the menu and choose the option to update system from microSD card.
5. Select the system file that you download that is on your microSD card.
6. When done updating and reboot. Voila.

This video from YouTube shows step 3 onwards.

Hope it helps....

PRASAD, 03 Jul 2019I am using from 2016 but not since software corrupted, we are no... morewaiting for reply


I am using from 2016 but not since software corrupted, we are not able to factory reset, on visiting the service station they kept with them for 15 days and now they say since it is old model they are not getting software from their head office, now how to use the mobile. Can the company replace the mobile with a new one?

  • Vikas

AnonD-583153, 10 Sep 2016Why the battery of my Asus Zenfone Max takes 1 day maximum only?... moreDude the mobile was made for only lollipop version but company think that it can handle the marshmallow version but it's wrong it's drain battery like liquid.

  • Ace

USER, 20 May 2019Worst phone I have ever used. It doesn't have speed, it hangs al... moreIt depends the specs of the that you use

  • USER

Worst phone I have ever used. It doesn't have speed, it hangs all the time. Am gonna change it ASAP

  • Sapsz

Still have it. Going strong. Not for gaming, or memory or cpu intensive apps. I watch movies browse the interwebb. Still gives me 2-3 days on a charge.
I'm going to use the living s***t out of it, before I buy a new phone...

  • a zenfone user

Roland, 17 Apr 2019My daughter gave this phone to me in 2018. At first all works fi... morecould be 'touchscreen digitizer' problem, i have replace my zen 2 laser for 22$ (-+90MYR), the price would be different . also i replace it myself. working good so far.

  • Roland

My daughter gave this phone to me in 2018. At first all works fine, however I encountered problem. All the home buttons are not working. It is good there is a one hand operation that I can use. Can somebody help me what to do to make the home buttons works again. My os is lollipop 5.0.2. Thanks for the answer in advance.

I was most curious about this one, because my specs were that it has 4G, 16GB internal memory (minimum), and a good battery life. I purchased one in Malaysia 3 years ago, and I am still using it. Both front and rear cameras give a clear picture, but, of course as I have downloaded app after app (some becoming obsolete), the internal memory has filled up. I find the dual SIM a good idea, but it's best putting the second into a basic additional phone to supplement and support 3G calls. A novel idea if you have a SIM from 2 countries, and don't want to swap the SIM cards in the phone as you travel. I do enjoy the 'clock face' features in its jacket, which are not available in Australia (where I live) and will keep using it while it works. Overall good value for money, but not available in Australia.

Immortality, 03 Jan 2019i still haven`t buy this cellphone yet.but can i ask is this cel... moreYes very good. A bit old now bit it works great

Thinking of upgrading, but my Zenfone Max still works. Been a reliable workhorse for years. One of the heaviest smartphones around, but well worth it for the phenomenal battery life.


Please post miui 9 rom download link please...

  • Anonymous

Zc550kl, 05 Nov 2018Bro, My phone very hanging. And it irritating me.. So, what is ... moreReduce the apps..

  • help!

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2019are you crazy? which property of lollipop is better than marshma... moreI have no anymore with android 6 option to install aps or move to micro sd card,that is reason because i want to downgrade because the same smartphone from my son is with android 5 and is not upgraded thanks God...

  • Anonymous

HELP!, 02 Jan 2019How to downgrade from Marshmallow to Lollipop? Please instructio... moreare you crazy? which property of lollipop is better than marshmallow? M is better in all respects. research it!