Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • gopal

pls. suggest me which 1 is better zenfone2 ze 550kl, or zenfon max??????????

  • asus_user

is 10k price for 16 gb version and that is Ghz for this phone

  • hari

again with same processor.

  • mac

i hope this phone has quick charge / fast charge feature.

  • Anonymous Cell-Phone

Certainly than better of iphone 6 / iphone 6 plus......

  • AnonD-482496

ZE551ML is better.
not only the RAM but also the design.

ZC550KL will be booming if all of the specification More than ZE551ML

  • Anonymous

AnonD-481084, 27 Dec 2015This phone is going to be the new Half Life 3Hahaha true to that

  • Atlas Lin

Zenfone Zoom features a top notch Intel SoC and a groundbreaking camera module so its delay is tolerable. However, Zenfone Max has nothing cutting edge, and a big battery is not rocket science at all, so there is no excuse for delaying it.

  • Anonymous

1. When will Asus Zenfone Max be available in Canada??

2. I wish this phone had high specification, such as 4G Ram and 32Gb Memory.

3. Why would not simply Asus upgrade the Zenfone 2 battery to 5000 mAh?

please reply to my gmail account: tupluk

  • Aarotti

This phone doesnt support fast charging.So it will take around 5 hours for charging.thats not seems to work for people who walked out from home consistently

  • AnonD-481084

This phone is going to be the new Half Life 3

  • Anonymous

AnonD-343077, 21 Dec 2015first availability date was December but now showing January. Th... moreasus if you don't have guts to release a thing on time please do not announce it........your analysts are illetrate doesn't know anything about Indian market.......i'll make sure in my circle of thousands that no one buys your product and today onwards we will start a social campaign to buy your products in india......bloody piece of shit......waiting for this mobile since 4 months but finally purchased another

  • somad

i am sure asus taiwan always late due to their capability, and possible they offer to China to produce this type of product, because China more expert then Taiwan how to modified cheapper product or a little bit low quality. then Asus Taiwan make efficiency just sale their Name of product n get the royalty

This tihs is ridiculous now dread wat the hell taking dem man to bring this out so I purchase it for my friend

  • kavin

i am waitng for two month for this mobile,plz released it

  • Anonymous

release it already! taking too much time....i am tired of waiting and now m thinking of buying another phone.

  • AnonD-343077

first availability date was December but now showing January. This phone is not going to success due to only late launch. Most of people were waiting but now they are planning to buy lenovo vibe P1 or Gionee Marathon M5.

  • M

Hiker, 17 Dec 20151.2 ghz is very powerful?No its not but want really make a difference unless u play 3d intensive games and apps start a little slower. The 20h browsing batttery life does make up for it though.

  • Prabhat Saha

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015I don't know why anyone can complain about this phone. I mean, i... moreI am with you.... it very good balanced phone....(Under 10000). Thank You.

  • Anonymous

Rlease in January? Come on, Asus! Just release it alredy! Why would you hold back? It will be a hit! Because top daily interest has J7, which is a worse, priciest version of Zenfone MAX!. Please Asus, release it, I want it!