Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • Nyan

Fix the asus zenfone 5 battery drain issue first .. otherwise this zenfone max will be considered as a total crap .

  • suhas gosavi

it should have internal storage at least 16 GB


specification wise this is the ,midrange device. with identical specs like zenfone 2. 720p resolution cant make should 1080p. with removable battery.on the basis of the specs price should be 10,000 to 12000.

  • Jemy

Icarus, 07 Aug 2015Seriously what the hell instead of pairing a large battery with ... moreExactly

  • Asterix

No Weight information, with that big capacity will be sacrifice the weight

  • Icarus

Seriously what the hell instead of pairing a large battery with a low power chipset they should give it with a chipset which needs it like the Intel Z3560/3580. And whats the point of a 13mp front camera staring at you like the Eye of Sauron on the Zenfone Selfie. they should take the Ze551ml, plonk the battery and laser autofocus on it with GG4 as a perk and call it zenfone enhanced and then maybe it makes sense!!

  • Anonymous

non-removable battery means it's still useless for those who really want a good battery. Because an year later it will still not hold enough charge. With non-removable battery, it will need to be at least 7000 mah...

  • AnonD-405010

So, no intel atom in this device most probably means a vast improvement in battery consumption. Owned a zenfone 2 ze550ml for 2 weeks. Got really frustrated with the battery life. Then change to Huawei honor 6 h60-l12.