Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • wapang lkr

Good thing about this phone is the battery and camera.. but if we come to online game it sucks whenever i play online game i dont know why but it gets hang... i can't even chat with my friends in normal.. so how can i get rid off with it...

  • Milind

AnonD-559284, 12 Jul 2016It has excellent battery life, two simcard slots and SD card slo... moreBro, I am about to purchase this phone but there is some quarries which need to be addressed like 1) is it good in recording during call, 2) does it hang during performing heavy task, 3) is it water resistance, I heard after updation this cellphone got problems in viewing images in gallery ?


i purchased asus zenfone max. its working nicely. battery backup is superb.. no hanging problem. you can go for this mobile.

  • Kurup

It is superb in all way

  • AnonD-562753

Can someone tell me? From 7am to 12am how many battery left? Mine is about 27% with casual gaming like (C Royal, Angry Bird 2). Huhu

  • AnonD-562753

AnonD-565637, 28 Jul 2016Hi @Diont Read your post where you said it was probably the Mar... moreIt depends on what build number of your phone. Sometimes is the system or app problem. Few weeks ago, I received a notification about updating my phone so I just click don't update. After I updating my asus support app then I check my updated status and there is no update are available. Sounds weird. So after waiting for afew days, the update notification pops for the second time and this time I directly update it. So make sure you update all apps first.

About the build number, they are afew asus phone build number. Some received the update early and some are very late. My build number starts with WW (world wide).

You can try update it manually! I will always work! First, Check your build number at system update app. Secondly, search at Google asus Zenfone max manual update. Next, make sure the file that you're going to update has the same first front capital later exp (WW). Finally click download.

Please check on YouTube..

  • AnonD-562753

jaggu, 29 Jul 2016Is the front camera is good..?can any body sayYup it is! But is not good for video snapchat or snow. Front recording is also good but at dark camera fills laggy

  • Anonymous

It's Screen Resolution is not good i can't see any video clearly. If you have any solution for this please give me.

  • abi0070

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2016I having problem with the battery some of my apps says my max on... moreMe too... some apps says its only 2000mah :(

  • abi0070

vin uchiha, 26 Jul 2016i bought this mobile for its 5000mAh battery, but im not sure if... moreSame prblm bro :(

  • jaggu

Is the front camera is good..?can any body say

  • NBA 2k16

Hello Goodmorning Everyone may i ask something :)

This phone is great for gaming like the NBA 2k16?
If you playing the NBA 2k16 it is Good or Not?
Thank you for answer my question

  • Yusufi

Indeed a very good smartphone & a smart choice to use the ONLY STABLE SOC snapdragon 410 which has very good remarks in maintaining heat and consuming less power( were as other SD such as 615, 800, 801, 808, 810, all tend to heat & results in THROTTLING causing to reduce speed to prevent damage to the smartphone)
it's mainly for all social networking as it will never let u down in battery backup hence u can stay connected most of the time compare to other phone which die early, this phone can give u the SCREEN ON TIME of 11 hours (normal mode)& possibly more in power saving mode. Both auto start manger & power saver apps r awesome it does work perfect for ASUS.
It does play Asphalt 8 in high graphics good but not fine.

1) awesome battery life.
2) consistent speed no throttling.
3) very less heat max I noted was 38 degrees while playing games for 2 hours.
4) Above average camera.
5) multitasking ram management is good.
6) reverse charging
7) OTG

1) heavy 202 grams.
2) takes 5 hours to completely charge from 0 to 100%.
3) occasional lags of 2 or 3 secs which can overcome ones u ROOT ur phone...
Conclusion : If u hv never used an IPHONE then u will never regret it buying + Max is superior in battery backup.

  • AnonD-565637

AnonD-562753, 26 Jul 2016My phone battery started to drain faster then usual. Charging fo... moreHi @Diont
Read your post where you said it was probably the Marshmallow update. Is it available already for Zenfone Max? I keep checking for the update and so far gor nothing...

  • AnonD-562753

AnonD-565278, 27 Jul 2016Thank you very much Diont! That animation is very annoying and ... moreI'm so glad I could help

  • Kaennox

So, I got this thing in March, so it's been @ 4.5 months. Can say I'm very pleased with it. I had some issues at first when the SIM was going out now and then but it got fixed with the 6.0 update. It get really hot when you play games like Hearthstone, Need For Speed No Limits, Asphalt 8 or any game with high graphics. Also, Pokemon GO's GPS is a bit off, atleast mine. In the first 30 minutes of play it's ok, but after it gets hot it doesn't know where it is. Nvm, so the phone is not good for games, and the battery goes out pretty fast when you play. The pro's are that you have plenty of battery life while stand-by, a big screen which is good for videos/movies, and other apps work just fine. Camera is pretty good too (if enough lightning). I hope this helps some of you.

  • AnonD-552484

AnonD-563950, 24 Jul 2016my concern about asus zenfone max battery that the information h... moreIf u don't do anything with the phone, no texting, no gaming, no call, nothing...just keep it as it will definitely give u a standby backup of about more than 900 hours. Trust me...i am using it... Awesome phone...

  • AnonD-552484

AnonD-563950, 24 Jul 2016my concern about asus zenfone max battery that the information h... moreGsmarena mentioned about the standby time... And i hope u understand the meaning of standby....

  • the dutchman

neal , 25 Jul 2016Same here bro sucks with marshmallowwhy not use cyanogenmod for faster exp?

  • AnonD-565278

AnonD-562753, 27 Jul 2016Yup. Just go to:- app settings Show system Search for task ... moreThank you very much Diont!
That animation is very annoying and was getting on my nerves.
Thanks again!