Asus Zenpad 8.0 Z380KL

Asus Zenpad 8.0 Z380KL

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  • d.adistya.p

release with OS Windows 10. ty asus.

  • empty pen

Release it soon Asus..

  • GCB

If cheaper than galaxy tab s 8.4 lte I will buy it

  • AdamBoy64

If the ZenPads turn out to be anywhere near as good as the ZenFones, then I'm in.

  • thedude

well spec wise a really neat piece of hardware, will have to wait for some battery tests or hope theyll change their minds with the capacity, if it gets over 10 hours use im sold :)

  • sagar

Luv you guys but beginning to hate due to the occasional retro specs and being a bit pricey and dumping lower end phones when qualitative products could be shipped and provided fairly.

Bring the high end product to india for a fair-price, sense the pulse of the market. Not the retarded branding value.

  • sadhu sunder

bring it to India, But keep i mind to provide it for a fair price.

  • AnonD-58179

A 4000mAh battery for all those wonderful specs. Great job Asus LOL.

  • SSA

4000 mah battery for this screen and hardware ??!! are you kidding me ?! very funny..