Asus Zenpad C 7.0

Asus Zenpad C 7.0

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  • Annonymous

Back in 2015 it can run a few apps and games, though most of them lag. Very bad idea to multitask as the processor can't handle it. Nowadays in 2021 almost everything doesn't run well with it. If you have a spare one unused, you can use it as a messenger or to watch videos.

  • Spencer

Very sluggish and slow, it's processor can hardly even handle the home screen w/ no apps running in the background. Instagram is much worse too as almost any story with a single gif in it is essentially sure to crash your tablet. The camera is just okay but still not something to be proud of. Youtube is also horrible to run as it takes like 10 solid seconds just to load the app alone. And don't even try to get anywhere close to Need for Speed No Limits, that game takes roughly 2-5 minutes for only like a 25% chance to load a single race. Avoid this tablet at all costs.

  • Anonymous

still running strong except Google is pushing to phase out old hardwares. loys of apps starting not to support.
Zenpad c7 is losing ground.

Asus has not made any 7 inch tablets for last 4 yrs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2018Just found out why ASUS C7.0 has so much speed issue. It tu... moreA typical post where help is offered telling you what needs to be done but not a hint of how to do it.

  • Anonymous

It seems ASUS stop updates for years . There is no security patches.

I donzt think I will get ASUS again.

Samsung is same....

  • prettygirl

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018otg compatible po ba ang P001?do you mean P01Y?? if yes, yup compatible siya, i use my usb to transfer videos to my tab eh...

  • Flowjah

It does not support high Speed on SD cards. I have a card that supports Up to 98mb/s sequential Read and I get 75mb/s on Moto G5 Plus with that card but only 16 GB/s with the same card on the Zenpad.

  • Anonymous

otg compatible po ba ang P001?

  • rehab

can I upgrade it to android 6.0

  • abiral112

I have a zenpad. It says its model is P01Z. Is it zenpad C 7.0? Does anybody knows the best custom rom for this device

  • Maira

How to insert sim?

  • Anonymous

Just found out why ASUS C7.0 has so much speed issue. It turns out Google Play Services, instant app and play store had been using up all processor and dasta channels.
Now my C7.0 is running like silk after

Cut off the above Google services accessing wifi, data etc.
Do a clean memory , cache etc before you re enable these services to update apps.
Once don3.cut them off again

I had trouble with my browser..afte4 this freezes etc. Google is monitor8ng your web browsing.

  • Anonymous

Looks like latest Google behind the scene updates cause a few restarts..freeze a lot..and wifi lost connection.

ASUS should release security patches.

  • AnonD-713941

Why pad very problems,I reset 3 time,,then my pad restart many2..then my video play very fast in a minute 30:00..why like that,,cannot see movie,YouTube also,all video like that..headache..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2017I am having a problem with my Asus Zenpade C 7.0 It wont ... moreHold the power and volume up key down for 15 seconds
If that doesnt work un plug the battery and plug it back in

  • Anonymous

I am having a problem with my Asus Zenpade C 7.0
It wont ture on or charge, the power would come on and black out. I was told it could be a facture defect. What do i do? This was given to me as a gift.

  • Anonymous

Omid46, 26 Jan 2017My dearest whether Google has any authority on apak apps or... moreChill boy.. Why so angry.. haha

  • Anonymous

Firmware update today May 2nd.

  • AnonD-654240

Good value for money tablet. Battery drains very quickly when watching video. Will last several hours with light usage. Dual SIM though think only one is 3G. 3G works just fine. Not particularly quick and struggles when you have lots of apps open but for price can't complain.

  • FleetAdmiral

No Lags, but drains battery on heavy games like LOW Merc 2, but perfectly performs well good graphics and sound. I bought this tab for the game and it did not fail me.