Asus Zenpad C 7.0

Asus Zenpad C 7.0

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  • Dom C

I have been using it for 6 months now, 90% of time to watch Netflix and for that it works great. For any other things, it is too slow although the Zen UI is among the best I have seen and the included tools are good. With another chip and more ram it would be a bomb.

  • Anonymous

This tablet is the worse

  • Anonymous

Have huge laggggg

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2017New firmware update 2017...much far C7.0 is gr... moreCan this tablet be updated to marshmellow?

  • din

been notified to update asus zenpad c 7.0 system and i agreed . after that it cannot be started .

  • sean

mine works good. apps working well but much better if it comes with a sim slot.

  • Omid46

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  • AnonD-636785

Guys I installed facebook APK but when when I lunch it, it didn't open
Any body has same problem ?
And how I can fixe it?

  • TwistedSista

Nharry, 29 Mar 2016I can't play COC.. it says "your device is not compatible w... moreI have the a similar promblems mange to get the game but no sooner is the up and running all I get is lag lag lag. This device truly is shit!

  • xd gamer

ZenPad User, 04 Dec 2016 I bought ZenPad C7.0 one month ago, now I have to throw a... moreMe have isssues with it too. All hevier programs are crashing and now its not responding to any comands!

  • Fan

Very happy with this device. Own it since August 2015. Installed all FOTA updates, and so far, it is just getting better and better. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

New firmware update 2017...much far C7.0 is great. Waiting for Marshmellow

  • Anonymous

bad charge i do not know if this is the cable or the laggy tablet but it charges at one precent every two hours age less than nine months

  • Fan

Great device. Large display. Weights Light and mobile. And beautiful to keep. Cost much less comparing to the high end fluffy models, some which explodes lately, with a much smaller screen, and cost ten times more. I highly recommend this one. I am a happy day to day user of it.

  • AnonD-626414

The keyboard is sickening. It lags, stuck and so slow not capacitive as i expected. At time the "x" button is really hard to press. Not nice.

  • Lightfoot

Great tab. Mine is 3g andar all works great. I'm ver happy. Congratulations Asus.

  • Athul from india

Company says internal mem is 8/16 GB.But in my tab only 4GB is present.lots of problems i have with this tab.My android operating system is not working.
Eg: My android lolipop versn keyboard is missing.
Seriously u wont believe. Message me if u could.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-621020, 15 Dec 2016I bought this piece of crap 1 year ago in an airport on my ... morethx for posting, saved by it : )

  • Raul

How is the battery life ?

  • AnonD-621020

I bought this piece of crap 1 year ago in an airport on my way home to Norway.
It was cheap and I understood the store wanted me to buy silly things like a cover, that would cost 50% of the price of the tablet, and overpriced SD cards. Of course I didnt.

I was trying to use it during January to see what would happen and I noticed it was exceptionally slow and when I tried to play video on it, it often failed. The sole reason that I bought it was to watch movies/videos on it, and it couldnt even handle basic youtube videos.
I went into the camera just to see if that worked. It didnt. the Asus camera app refuse to this day to work, I have never once been able to take a single photograph with it. The app just decide to crash.

After this I put it in a drawer and went on with my life, cursing the shit out of this useless Asus product.

This November I bought a DJI Phantom 4 drone and since I have a Samsung S7 Edge, the DJI Go app makes my phone restart. I had the brilliant idea to take up my old Asus and see if maybe it would work with it.
I started up the tablet and let it stay connected for about 24 hours before I even tried to do anything, letting it update and run its programs and get ready to be tested.
I managed to log into the app but that is where it ended. Video is super glitchy and cannot be used in any sense.

Ok, so I wanted to reset the devide and only install the DJI Go app instead, maybe, just maybe it could work better then! I go into settings, go to the reset to factory button and OF COURSE the entire tablet freezes. It does not do anything further, except to tell me that "Settings have stopped responding". Fantastic! Not only is the included camera-app useless, the settings on the tablets is useless as well!
I try to restart the device and as it just is about to shut down it pops up with the screen where I am supposed to write in 4 numbers for a factory reset...
I try again and again, but the only chance to write the numbers in is when it is almost shut down.

I try the volume + and power button to reset, but only gets stuck on a green android screen. I then find out its volume - and power button. Great
I do that and get it installed again. Lo and behold; it is still horrible. Slow as hell, the camera app doesnt work! the settings still refuse to work and overall it is a piece of shit.

I used to love Asus, now I just hate them completely. stay away from this horrible tablet!