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AT&T Quickfire

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This looks way too complicated to use.

  • jay

its good

  • AnonD-378748

Terrible device, and served better as a doorstop than a phone. The Quickfire was one of my first phones, and I have a dear hatred for that device. The keyboard constantly broke, it was very laggy, and sometimes died for no reason. I easily went through 5 or 6 replacements of that damn phone, all of different colors (ranging from shit orange, to vomit green). This phone is most famous for its ability to catch on fire while charging (ironic I know). Heres to you Quickfire, you terrible, beautiful, piece of ----.

And no, it does not run android, and it does not have wifi. Save your 10 dollars and get a ZTE Zinger.

  • shaik

nimi, 21 Jan 2014this fone have wifi? aur anderiod? please tell its doesn't have wifI or android

  • kareem

Can i get at &T Quickfire Mobil strip

  • mars1saturn

I Love my quick fire. I had it for about 2 years, internet, GPS, white pages, music, texts. It's a great phone. I have small hands and I love the qwerty key board, just the right size. you must put the phone on lock or your battery will wear out due to a page opening like a web browser, etc.

  • nimi

this fone have wifi? aur anderiod? please tell me..


tereza.ely.a@hotmail, 05 Jun 2012I need to know how to activate this model the Internet in m... moreyour phone is goood

  • Anonymous

it is unable to read what i have on the memory card though it recognises it.

  • dhananjay

my gf my phone i like very much i know its not girl but i like it beacause it give me more than girl's kisses And hugs

  • aakash

i got this phone for rs.1599 INR (i.e 30$usd) ,but the name was different, [Airtyme]

  • aakash

I want firmware for this phone. help me?

  • Remesh.P.R

its an a amezing phone,it will helps easly browsing and downloading,and highest battery stamina

  • hira raj

amezzzing phon...most bettr thn nokia n samsung...all features available and it has a mindblowing 2G and 3G downloading speed in a cheap coast...i like this

  • cutie

i got this fone for ma son an he loves it but the only problem is the bluetooth wont work so plse tell me how to get it to work...overall gud fone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2009Amazing fone don't buy any other fone my blue tooth worksHow do you send songs through bluetooth on the AT&T Quickfire mine won't seem 2 work

  • Anish

I have bought recently. all features are really cool. but it lacks drains so fast. internet accessing is fast.

Can anyone help me in installing apps from sd card ??

  • tereza.ely.a@hotmail

I need to know how to activate this model the Internet in my country Ecuador because I bought recently and I can only receive and send calls and messages but can not connect to the internet. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7295, 29 Apr 2011Coming from an LG Shine, I like that I still have the Mobil... moreI'm got this after having an LG shine too it's wayy better

  • Anonymous

Got this phone in Dec of 08. Had it for a full to years. Its was slow, had a buggy touch screen, call quality was ok. None the less, I spent many hours on it.
Took decent pics for its time.