AT&T and T-Mobile merger gets a TV ad, seems inevitable

06 June, 2011

AT&T and T-Mobile merger still hasnít been approved by the authorities, but that didnít stop the companies from advertising it on TV. Obviously they are trying to tell their side of the story of what would happen when the two US GSM-loving carriers join forces and win some public goodwill.

Given that T-Mobile subscribers as a whole donít seem too enthusiastic about their carrier being acquired by AT&T, we can see where this is coming from. Well, maybe they will feel better after they see that the merger will result in a ďbetter, stronger networkĒ and ďa network of possibilitiesĒ. See if their Jedi tricks will work on you.

So, are you feeling a bit more positive about the merger now? Or are you as skeptical as you ever were? Share your thoughts on it in the comments section.



Reader comments

  • CB

Oh man if the Us Gov approves that its gonna be a huge monopoly!! You guys should come to Canada for our Wind mobile $25 unlimited local calls, caller ID, unlimited txt and + $10 you get unlimited DATA :D

  • lucky me

I don't think this deal will help anyone out but At&t. Not to mention tmobile's LOSING customers like crazy. So they will be helping each other out.At&t need t-mobiles towers to help with those drop calls.T-mobiles plans are cheaper but they ...

  • andrej

soon we have only 2- AT&t, and verizon, then we be pay $100, box just for have phone, plus everything ous on top.Worst deal ever only for monopoly.