Audiophile brand Moondrop teases its first smartphone, the MIAD 01

Prasad, 22 April 2024

Moondrop has taken the wraps off its first smartphone, the MIAD 01. The name stands for Mobile Internet Audio Device and as you can imagine alludes to the phone's audio-first inclination.

In the teaser image, we can see the back of the phone with a white colorway and a striated finish. The camera section is raised and features a dual-camera system along with the branding.

It's also here that we see the phone advertising the presence of dual headphone jacks. Although neither jack is visible in the image, presumably because they are on the unseen top edge of the device, but we can be sure there is a 4.4mm as well a 3.5mm jack. The 4.4mm jack outputs balanced audio while the 3.5mm features single-ended output with microphone support.

Audiophile brand Moondrop teases its first smartphone, the MIAD 01

The only other thing visible in the image is the power and volume buttons on the right side of the phone, which are finished in orange to match the other orange highlights on the phone. The phone seemingly has flat sides with sharp corners.

The MIAD 01 was first teased back in February, when a smartphone category appeared on Moondrop's website out of nowhere. The page, which was unchanged at the time of this writing, depicts the wordmark of the MIAD 01 name along with a coming soon sign. We expect the page to be updated with the new teaser image soon.

Web teaser Web teaser

Moondrop is a Chinese audio brand well-known for its IEMs and other audio products. The company recently expanded to making mechanical keyboards with integrated audiophile-grade audio output. The MIAD 01 seems to be along the same lines of a product with an audio-first approach. Still, this is a pretty big leap from IEMs and keyboards but we will just have to wait for the company to release additional details about this device.


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One can hope that they offer decent years of software support. Sony lineups have proper camera quality and a headphone jack but do not measure well when it comes to Android upgrades.

  • Anonymous
  • 25 Apr 2024
  • 8mk

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