Bang&Olufsen are cutting off their cellphone business

29 Oct, 2008

The Danish manufacturer of all high-end tech stuff declared that they are canceling their cellphone business along with several other departments such as DVD recorders. The company is blaming its current mishaps on the world-wide spreading financial slump. They've obviously realized that "people are looking to spend less, not more, on phones" - as Gartner telecoms analyst Carolina Milanesi puts it.

Our guess however is that they could have made a good business even with their ridiculous price tags of 800 euro and more, but only if they concentrated on making better designs or using exclusive high-tech materials.

There's still a market for such overpriced underpowered devices, but obviously not many of the potential customers are willing to throw that sum of money over a product that's as mixed up as the huge which-way-is-up Serenata.

Whatever the reason, we obviously won't see any new mobile phones from Bang&Olufsen. Nonetheless, it was nice meeting you, Serene, and you too, Serenata. See you some other time!



Reader comments

  • wtakizawa
  • 05 Nov 2008
  • uE5

how sad. but i agree it is a wise move. their phone division won't make it since serene n serenata are overpriced n underbuilt.

  • Karim ADHAM
  • 04 Nov 2008
  • fv8

Such a disapointment when a deluxe brand like them disappear from the markets, for your own info in Egypt such a brand is never heard of for 90 % of the population. I do report this happening due to the global financial we are all having that s true,...

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Nov 2008
  • Uis

Absolutely agree with you! Overall, Motorola are still producing the best quality all round phones. Nokia are the biggest, their phones used to be reliable & pretty solid; but not any more! ... All Nokia phones get very hot during conversation ...

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