Beats Studio Buds pass through NCC with USB-C charging

Enrique, 11 June 2021

Apple-owned Beats is expected to launch a new pair of TWS earbuds. The Beats Studio Buds are a pair of stem-less TWS earbuds that were recently leaked in a recent build of iOS, and famous basketball star LeBron James was also spotted wearing the new buds.

The latest news, as reported by MacRumors shows the same pair of earbuds as they passed through the Taiwanese communications authority. The NCC (National Communications Commission) certified the new buds, and the accompanying photos revealed a USB-C charging cable.

 NCC/MacRumors Source: NCC/MacRumors

The Buds themselves feature a stem-less design like the Galaxy Buds, with a small body that houses the electronics. A Beats “b” adorns what may possibly be a touchpad for playback controls. The ear tips will be interchangeable and perhaps made of silicone.

Source: NCC/MacRumors Source: NCC/MacRumors
Source: NCC/MacRumors

Recent Beats products use the Lightning connector for charging just like the AirPods, but perhaps the Apple-owned company thinks it can cater to more Android users by switching to the universal charging connector. Either that or Apple plans to eventually wean all its products away from the Lightning plug. (MacBooks and iPad Pro charge over USB-C). Should that happen (and it’s long been rumored it would), the iPhone would be the very last Apple product to make the switch.

Leaked image of Beats Studio Buds in red, black, and white Leaked image of Beats Studio Buds in red, black, and white

Apple’s successor to the AirPods Pro is rumored to share the Studio Buds general design – one without stems. In any case, we are expecting the Beats Studio Buds to arrive quite soon considering their mention in iOS 14.6.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Jun 2021
  • M4F

so... what did i say? ;)

  • Rkm
  • 14 Jun 2021
  • DkZ

That's what I meant when I wrote beats is a fashion brand and not a electronics brand. "It's sold by apple, celebs wear them, most people will think they look cool and buy them. You need to be able to flex on people, which is why th...

This might be true in theory, but those facts don't apply because people don't think rationally. People see that LeBron James wears those beats and they want them. I don't think that even 10% of users actually look at audio quality. It...

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