BenQ-Siemens EL71

BenQ-Siemens EL71

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  • YNd
  • 03 Aug 2020

I can't find my charger.And it has been lost for a long time.

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    • Hbound
    • 3Hf
    • 26 Dec 2017

    I have the phone myself and the problem I have is that the phone just blinks when switched on and that's the ends. It I very frustrating a I cannot throw away this phone because it is so cute. I need a motherboard or if someone out there is familiar or have come across the same problem ,help. As for batteries and chargers, there are quite a few on eBay and amazon, I have just been there looking at how to solve my problem.

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      • erico
      • mcu
      • 10 Nov 2015

      I was operating this phone when all of a suding I sawa message on my screen ..Starting Assistance
      ..and my phone got can u help me?

      Please help because I love this siemens el71 phone..Thanks. .

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        • Gurmeet Khari
        • 9DE
        • 16 Jun 2015

        Anonymous, 20 Apr 2015I'm looking for a battery for this damn phone where can I b... moreI Has A One Battery

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          • Gurmeet Khari
          • 9DE
          • 16 Jun 2015

          My Phone Fall Inwatep Please Tell Me What Ido

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            • Anonymous
            • q{A
            • 20 Apr 2015

            I'm looking for a battery for this damn phone where can I buy this online , damn u make a phone with no extra battery wtf ....please benq siemens El 71

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              • Hyder
              • KII
              • 14 Jan 2014

              Bad incomplete UI. incomplete functions.

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                • Anonymous
                • f07
                • 22 Mar 2013

                I have the benq siemens but i really cant find its battery where can i buy one?

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                  • WEATHERMAN
                  • pFC
                  • 25 Jan 2013

                  this mobile phone is great but my problem with it that i can't find any batteries or a charger for him because the people in my country dosen't use it.
                  what should i do?

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                    • Mike
                    • snU
                    • 22 Jul 2012

                    I got this cell phone back in 2007 and it was great but everytime I turned on bluetuth it reseted now I have galaxy s2

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                      • lipu
                      • PxY
                      • 18 Jul 2012

                      When inserted valid SIm card and powered on the phone. It shows"please insert your SIM card". Please help!!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • sxj
                        • 07 Jun 2012

                        arzun, 25 May 2012whrere can i buy the battery in KATHMANDU, NEPAL???????????... moredid you try ebay?

                          • a
                          • arzun
                          • 7wk
                          • 25 May 2012

                          whrere can i buy the battery in KATHMANDU, NEPAL????????????????????????????????????????

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                            • jackob
                            • Nhm
                            • 23 Jan 2012

                            Where in Cape Town South Africa can i buy the battery for this phone? Kind regards.

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                              • mawuko
                              • fuI
                              • 13 Jul 2011

                              i have the phone but where can i get the battery in Ghana.

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                                • uWE
                                • 30 Mar 2011

                                i want buy its some parts pleaz tell me the way how can i purchase
                                because i belong to pakistan and here its parts are not available
                                i need its charger bettry and hand free plz guaid me

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                                  • ovi01926793624
                                  • Pxx
                                  • 27 Jan 2011

                                  dhaka gulistan (undergrownd market) a
                                  MASUD TELICOM ache.oikhane jan.masud telicom ar nummber

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                                    • Seyha
                                    • PWa
                                    • 24 Jan 2011

                                    I have this el71 but it's keyboard is inactive who can solve this problem , please help me...

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • PHr
                                      • 26 Dec 2010

                                      i need a new battery for my cell BenQ- siemens EL71 , where can i find it , i live in colombia and it,s difficult to find it here please help me , i like this telephone too much

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • fue
                                        • 19 Aug 2010

                                        matthew, 30 Mar 2010I've this phone model,i cannot turn it on. This happend whe... morethatz the same problem i'm havin..please if you ve solved it help me