BenQ-Siemens EL71

BenQ-Siemens EL71

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  • J
  • fue
  • 22 Apr 2010

i have this hpone, and i am in ghana, how do i decode it.

    • m
    • matthew
    • wHR
    • 30 Mar 2010

    I've this phone model,i cannot turn it on. This happend when i answerd the phone and suddendly off. The battery it self still full. cannot turn power on anymore

      • h
      • hossam eldin
      • fv5
      • 21 Mar 2010

      I,ve el71 and the buttery went dead (type li-ion 3.7v/570m Ah)and we dot have a dealer in egypt to buy a new one

        • m
        • mac
        • v0X
        • 18 Mar 2010

        keyur patel, 27 Apr 2009my phone is not working. so i must have to install to new o... morewe have same problem?

          • M
          • Mac
          • v0X
          • 18 Mar 2010

          may uncle deleted some program of the unit, then the programs are not responding including the menu option. how can i refresh it? do i need to download it through Internet? or it has a ready made installer?

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Yb$
            • 28 Dec 2009

            my phone benq siemens el71 doesnt work with mms could you please help me to set it

              • V
              • Veja
              • pk6
              • 16 Dec 2009

              How can I reset my phone software? I have a problem

                • B
                • Benjamin
                • N7D
                • 26 Sep 2009

                Pls Help. I have used the phone for two years. Its been good. The screen has gone blenk. It goes on and backgroung light is on. I can call, receive messages and even play music but i cant see anything, this was after i received a file with virus. Pls Help

                  • s
                  • sammy
                  • jxx
                  • 22 Sep 2009

                  the hanset is great,but the battery is bad news...mine just died and i couldn't get the battery in all outlets.the handet is still in my drawer for about 2 years.

                    • T
                    • Thomas mwangemi
                    • IaL
                    • 18 Sep 2009

                    My phone benq siemens i gave my friend and he mistaken security code now idont know how to put it so that i can unlock it thanks god bless.

                      • a
                      • amal
                      • fpq
                      • 17 Sep 2009

                      my benq phone dont want to start he just make a sound "tout" when i started he is not available what i can do please help me

                        • L
                        • Lana
                        • kb@
                        • 07 Sep 2009

                        DOn, 23 Oct 2008I bought 2 phones in 2006 in England, I live in Trinidad an... moreGreat phone I used it for 3 years, I liked that you could set video ring tone, and memory card phone had flash....., yes buttery dies soon( bad q.),I bought myself one in Belarussia for $15, I could only find it there, web site is it's in russian), or go2

                        (buttery for 420mAh) or


                        (buttery for 800mAh ...sold out)

                          • L
                          • Lana
                          • kb@
                          • 07 Sep 2009

                          Gemex007, 12 Aug 2009Pls i have Benqsienens EL71, & i can use it the bettery is ... moreHi, I've had EL-71 for 3 years, and the buttery went dead in the year, so I bought other one and it lasted for a year, now it's enough just for a day to use, I know you can buy it on Net stores(just google it), I bought it in Belarus...

                            • G
                            • Gemex007
                            • mi$
                            • 12 Aug 2009

                            Pls i have Benqsienens EL71, & i can use it the bettery is bad pls can any body in d house help me out thank hope to hear from u all.

                              • g
                              • george
                              • fuI
                              • 30 Jul 2009

                              i want benq siemens EL71 softwares and if anybody has it plz he or she shd mail it ma mail at thank u

                                • f
                                • faizan
                                • P%{
                                • 23 Jul 2009

                                if any boby have ful software of el 71 plz contact me 03456785348

                                  • M
                                  • Mohamed Tharik
                                  • nCb
                                  • 25 May 2009

                                  Hello Dear All.

                                  I am Mohamed Tharik. I Have Siemens EL 71 Model Mobil. But My Mobil Some times Not Working. I Need Proper Operating Software .
                                  If Anybody Have This Ssoftware Pls Send Me My Mail.

                                  Thanking You.


                                    • k
                                    • keyur patel
                                    • vwv
                                    • 27 Apr 2009

                                    my phone is not working. so i must have to install to new operating software if anybody got it then mail me please ...

                                    my mail id is :-
                                    and my cell no is :- +91 09824443903


                                      • c
                                      • cookiemonster
                                      • 4bg
                                      • 17 Apr 2009

                                      Nicholas, 03 Apr 2009Hallo there! My phone has got only one theme.i try to downl... moreyou do know these guys went bankrupt.. that means your on your own, no support no nothing

                                        • N
                                        • Nicholas
                                        • jLB
                                        • 03 Apr 2009

                                        Anonymous, 08 Mar 2009my phone's programm has been deleted. how can i fix it? he... moreHallo there! My phone has got only one theme.i try to download some other theme but all in vain! Can you please rectify this & enable me to have more colourful theme.i have downloaded themes but its hard to to install,help please.KENYA