BenQ T60

BenQ T60

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  • vishwanathan

i want to be a distributor of benq in chennai send immediately

  • Ashik Sarwar

This phone win best design award. It's not a
copycat. Those people who's thought it's copycat phone. There realy a stupid people.

  • Anonymous

its looking nice but its third class cell phone

  • Badar

Sabbir,is it a copy of nokia 6300 or nokia E51?

  • Rajib

Any body told me what is the differtnce between v 1.1 & V 2.0 bluetooth? pls answear me.

  • naafiz

ay im frm BD.. im looking to get thi cell but technology is too boring and i am confused about its photo resulation bcoz the camera point looks so tiny..compairing the 2mp nokia cells

  • Mamun

I am confuse to buy this, design is attractive but technology is backdated(no 3g, 1.1 blue tooth, 1.2 usb ). I have to think before purchase it.

  • Sabbir

Today it has been released in Bangladesh. Price Tk.10,800/- USD 154/-.

  • Rached

With devices like the T60 phone pictured on the right, Taiwan-based BenQ may be onto something. At just 8.9mm it's one of the slimmest candybars available on the market. As a heavy smartphone user, I'm sad to report it's a simple feature phone that I probably won't use, like ever. However, some other people that don't want much from their handsets may find the device appealing. The 3.2 megapixel camera is on board, and so is the media player, stereo Bluetooth support, microSD slot, blacklist functionality (very cool), remote control (AVRCP) support. The QVGA screen measures at 2.2 inches and the battery provides users with up to 3 hours of talk and 200 hours of standby time. Guess they had to cut on battery life in order to keep the device super slim. Again, I like it, but I want it to run some mobile OS.

  • Anonymous

amazing fone, but looks somehow like the LG Shine KE770, however thinner than KE770 1mm,sgood job BenQ ;)

lots of functions, but BenQ must re-done his software, so much bugs...
with stainless steel, very elegant look, but without 3G, Bluetooth 2.0, this must be a mid-end fone, the price should be around @200 or less than

  • Anonymous

What a nice phone!!! Will it be availeble in Europe ? Seems like a fine substitute for my BenQ-Siemens S88.
Probably is another is another miskate of this website, this is at least a triband phone....

  • Anonymous

lol, this phone looks just great, why the heck the manufacturer did not add the 3G on the phone ??? And what happened to the battery life ???

  • Scottie

Great looking phone but has hardly any features..!

  • yc

This phone looks amazing!, and doesnt fall short of features too. Lets hope it brings benq out of the ditch its in

  • ***

must be dirt cheap to survive

  • adil

2008 and dual band?

  • Anonymous

180 h for the battery is really out of data fot it's performances

  • kal

see they come up wit the best designs but all the phones are out dated.
I wish siemens were still around, i was a big fan of them.
No one can compare to theyre design seriously.

  • Vic

I Would very much like to read a review by GSMARENA on this Phone.
It looks promising!

  • Anonymous

For how far the keypad and navigation is squashed down to the bottom end of the phone, you would have thought the screen would be huge- but it's only 2.2 inches!