Best Buy drops iPhone 5s to $125, 5c to $0 on contract

28 December, 2013

The colorful Apple iPhone 5s and 5c launched at $200 and $100 on contract respectively back in September, but Best Buy has cut down the prices of both in the US and Canada.

The iPhone 5s is normally $200, but Best Buy is offering the 16GB version for $125. 32GB and 64GB versions are available for $225 and $325 respectively. This is with contract with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

In Canada, the 16GB is CAD 100, though the 32GB and 64GB versions are rather pricy - CAD 330 and CAD 440 respectively. h

In the US, the iPhone 5c is available for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, although the AT&T versions are marked as not available for shipping. There’s also a 32GB version at $80, normally it costs $200.

In Canada, only the 16GB version is available. The good news is that it’s $0 too, the bad news is that there are no units available for sale online, your best hope is to check if your local brick-and-mortar Best Buy store has it. Carrier options include the big 3 (Bell, TELUS, Rogers) and a couple of smaller carriers.



Reader comments

  • Jen

So how does it really cost in normal marketing? Like theres no need for contract or any? 200$?

  • Gaurav

You cannot compare iphone 5c and moto g both are in different price categories.

  • Limited

Hohohoho.. Christmas is over.. oh wait, really?