Bird SC24

Bird SC24

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  • issy

i still have this phone and its so gooooooodddddddd. ITS BETTER THEN THE IPHONE X. the snake game is so addicting. Also i only have 2 friends so my storage space isn't full

  • Anonymous

i also hv dis phone n nw facing sim problem with dis phone coz the supporter of dis phone in d battery side get lost due 2 which nw i m facing many promlems
suggest sum thing 2 rectify dis......

  • haiticallcenteragent

Exa_Bytez, 13 Jan 2008LOL.....sad to say but the design like grenadeu are right lol

  • Haiticallcenteragent

Lol what is that lol let me laugh hahahahahahahah!

  • Erk

Ha hah Haaah... Very funny joke..

  • Exa_Bytez

LOL.....sad to say but the design like grenade

  • this birdsc24

this phone sc24 i love it but i have porblem with my, but i don,t won,t to change a phone, the problem i have with this my phone is that the lcd can ,t show light i dot no what to do i love this phone.the screen don,t what to show light pls addivce me on what to do. thanks i love this phone sc24bird.
pls reply my so soon.

  • AMY C

i love this phone

  • Mobile Junkie

Um well, guys sagem and bird have some kind of contract or "friendship" with each other. They tried to join into one or work together i guess, kind of like Sony Ericsson but no where near as good. So Sagem would have sued but bird did get permission.

  • Anonymous

I dont like this cell phone at all

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks! dont let the looks fool you, it has nothing to offer, no bluetooth, no camera nothing!

  • james

i have een using my phone for qiute a long time but i mistakenly put in the phone code which i could not remember till now. i have been deprive of the usage of my phone, all posible rffort prove abortive so i think there should be a solution to this as i have een missing a whole lot of calls. i need a positive response as soon as posible.
i need a solution to the phone code prolem im having right now.

  • nis

hy,it is a total copy of Sagem,

  • Ochefu Mary

I bought my bird phone 7 months ago and I still cant operate the infrared and I can recieve or send pictures and I can operate the WAP browser. I wonder why its like dat. Please send send your solution fast. Though the phone is a beautiful phone.

  • Anonymous

all are asking about this phone, no one is giving the answer, I think "This is an ORPHAN PHONE rejected by its mother 'NIGMO BIRD CHINA" No after sale support. No downloads, no accessories, nothing

I am totaly fed with this phone... Jugran (INDIA}

  • Gabriele

Hey, i'm from Lithuania.i'm waching about year on this telephone,it's looks perfect to me, but when i read your opinios about all problems i dont know what to do. to buy it or can someone read clearly what advantiges or disadvantiges it can write to my e-mail or here.thank's alot:)

my e-mail

  • Anonymous

its really nice looking... but the features its got and its technology arent really advanced... i dont thibnk it worth that much money, honestly... sorry for those who liked it..

  • folly

hummmmmmmmmmmmm i really love it, it looks nice and some of my friends are getting there own next week .it make me feel above the world.

  • joke

humm.......... the fone is not bad but the only problem am having is that i have been tring to save pictures of my multimedia (my picture) but it has been giving me alot of problems.i need a guide on how to go about it.

  • Anonymous

If you're considering getting this phone, please look at the Sagem myc-3b. It's basically the same design, but I find it prettier.