Bird SC24

Bird SC24

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  • unhappy

i was gonna get this fone til i got told bout all t probs with it. my friends hav this model and they all have probs wit them. it looks like an awsome fone so plz fix probs and it will be ideal!!!!!!!

  • Innocent Umana

In fact I have just bought a new sc24 birth Mobil ……. I am deeply regretting why I spent my poor money on it… because it giving much problem
1) with my sim card in side the phone it still will be tell me “ sim card not present or at times it will be telling me sim card loch when I have not loct it.
2) some time the phone will not on with a well charge batteries inside ..or it will be showing blue screen blank nothing on it
please you have to do some thing before it is too late , infact I am very unhappy about it ,, because I used my salary to buy it.

  • Anonymous

I love my Bird so so much!!!! It flys so high! I called it bertie the Bird, its wings are a pretty blue and it like to eat sunflower seeds.

  • Mfon

i say the phone on net but i dont know whether the infra port is functioning properly because am very much concern with the infra port. plz any body that used the phone up to (6)month should email me and tell me more about the infra.

  • choice

just bought the phone and has been used 4 about three weeks but the mouthpiece is giving so much problems. It's inaudible when i speak 2 others but i can hear clearly from others.A colleague who owns the same make complains of the same problem.
Is this a traditional BIRD problem?
YOUR phon features say there's infrared but it's not in my phone manual.Why's it so?
What can i do about my earpiece problem?
Waiting for your response.

  • amaka

i got my phone 3 wks ago and i must say it's really a beautiful phone.I would 2 save pictures in my phone but d network of does not allow this fxn.I WOULD 2 know if there's any other way i could do this.Thanks

  • jeasen

hello,all friends.this is jeasen,work in india sales office that belong to china bird international department.if there is some friends want know something about bird ,buy mobile phone .please e-mail me,my e-mail is
witing your's e-mail.

  • Stephanie

where can i get one

  • nkem

plz i have been using this phone for some time now but i dont seem to be able to be using my infarred and d network i use permits mms but the phone doesnt so wat can u do to help me put this thing in order.

  • Mohammed Yunusa

I am from Zaria-Nigeria. I was at a shopping mall to buy a particular handset but immediateLY changed my mind when I saw this Bird SC24. The shape and size is all I have been looking for and it has all the basic functions I desire in cellphone. My wife uses the same brand too. I love this handset.

  • chiboy

Post ur opinion, do u ever reply, the infrared, plssssss.

  • nelle

pls my sis just got her phone after checking this web cos it says its infrared active but we cant get where it is in the phone. pls can u tell me how to use the infrared on her bird sc24 ? i'll be greatfull if u reply soon. thanks

  • Jugran

Hello, as there is no data cable is provided, infrared port is also dummy,please can some body tell me how can one connect it with pc?.... jugran, from India

  • natty

how can u use the infrared in this phone or does it have atall

  • Chris

Though I agree with Wilson's view, but I think the situation as it were is because the phone in new at least in this part. More over it would have been wao! had it got very good polyphonic ring tones.

  • wilson

HI, this is a very nice phone, is just that the spare parts like the antena are no where to found.
Please, do something about that..WILSON, FROM, Nigeria.

  • temoor

bird sux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!