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BlackBerry 8707v

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  • g_ride
  • Uip
  • 04 Oct 2006

Hi People,
Firstly, WHAT I DON'T LIKE. I am so sick of this branding crap. Don't try and tell me it is due to providing clients with cheaper phones - WE ALWAYS PAY! However, if they must brand, the manufacturer should make the generic software available for download off their website. (without voiding the warranty!)

Secondly - These complaints about Blackberry being a business unit and it shouldn't have a camera or speaker functionality. There seems to be a number of people complaining about be given these features. If you don't like them don't use them. I am in many meetings and love the flexibility of being able to take a photo of the whiteboard after a meeting. I also love the flexibility of placing an import client call one speaker phone so other partners and myself can jointly communicate with our client. If you don't think these sort of features are good - you must not be too high up in your firm. If you keep up your moaning about limiting phone features - you just may get your wish: featureless branded phones that aren't really compatible with other Telco networks and all for an "over priced" purchase price.

Sounds like a good investment, were do I buy one - Not!

We already pay too much for data on Vodafone plans. Not to mention the AUD$799 for the Blackberry phone.

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    • le dinh tien
    • n{v
    • 10 Sep 2006

    buying now add ? germany - frankfurt

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      • moo
      • imb
      • 08 Sep 2006

      anyboby knows which company produce this phone for Blackberry?

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        • ChrisP
        • m2m
        • 05 Sep 2006

        I think the actual device is great.
        I've got big fingers and thumbs but can easily use the keyboard.
        The other controls and screen are wonderful too.
        Slight problem is that at the moment I can't get mine to work because seemingly there are 2 different models the Prosumer and the Enterprise and guess what,I've been sent the wrong one.
        You need to specify the Enterprise if you want to connect it to your server using the Enterprise Server software.
        I can't find anything on either the Blackberry or Vodafone site which explains this so just be careful when you are ordering so that you get the right one.

          • z
          • zac
          • PN8
          • 03 Sep 2006

          Is this the only brand without a pathetic camera and mp3 attached... Ill have the g3 blackberry thanks.

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            • Anonymous
            • 2Px
            • 05 Aug 2006

            I like blackberry series phone,very very good!

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              • Anonymous
              • PZh
              • 18 Jul 2006

              This phone is great I use all functions and its alot better than my previous Blackberry 7230. Awesome job RIM love my blackberry

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                • SCY
                • F$Y
                • 11 Jul 2006

                I have absolutely no use for camera or mp3 player in a data device such as this. This would be used primarily for business functionality, which cameras and mp3 players are not.

                  • l
                  • lekan
                  • 4E1
                  • 06 Jul 2006

                  not bad

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                    • Anonymous
                    • PWH
                    • 05 Jul 2006

                    Camera? Mp3? Card slot? tv out? useless

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                      • About...
                      • 464
                      • 04 Jul 2006

                      The fact that most phones have a camera it DOES not mean that Blackberry has to follow that trend. I use the 8700r model and I am very satisfied of its features; we could use more memory but who cares bout the camera...? A 3G phone is not made for a camera but for the speed of which data can be sent/received or how fast you can send/receive an email with attachments and so on.

                      You want a camera in a phone ? So many brands to choose from, not Blackberry. Thank God is this way...

                      For cameras, buy a Nikon, a Canon or else. That's what they are supposed to be for...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 2W9
                        • 02 Jul 2006

                        Somebody plz tell me that i am about to buy this black berry, now after comparing it to the 7730, which is better, i mean the votes are better for the 8707 but after hearing all the reviews u guys gave about the card acceptor, i am not unsure. so would it be worthwhile to buy the 8707 or just stick with the successful model 7730? plz gimme a reply asap, i need a blackberry bad... :)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • in%
                          • 27 Jun 2006

                          3G is not just video calls - it supports 3G for broadband speed GPRS connection!!! Making it faster to download emails!! DUH!!!

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                            • fck
                            • PTn
                            • 26 Jun 2006

                            how d f..............k this fone is a 3 g when it doesnt has cameraaaaaaaaaaa?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 45h
                              • 25 Jun 2006

                              Re: BlackBerry #8707 V
                              Compared to #7290 Model, here is what We do NOT like.
                              1) The keypad is smaller and very difficult to type on compared to #7290.
                              2) The SIM Card "Acceptor" is terrible. One cannot without GREAT difficulty, insert and remove SIM Cards Without scratching them. The SIM Card "Acceptor" on Model #8700 g has the same terrible "acceptor".
                              3) The best SIM Card "Acceptor" was used by RIM on Series #7200. It was made by AMPHENOL Group in the Heilbronn, German plant. With this "Acceptor" one can easily switch SIM Cards without damage to the cards!!!
                              4) We suppose that most end users today merely insert one SIM Card for the life on the BlackBerry. We are different because we frequently have to use different SIM Cards in the same BlackBerry!!!
                              5) Amphenol Group terms their product as a "SIMLOCK ACCEPTOR".
                              Someone should contact RIM about these faults.
                              Thank you!

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                                • bb user
                                • StC
                                • 21 Jun 2006

                                I have used RIM's blackberries of various flavors for about 3 years. Particularly I was used to love these 7x series, and the 7230 (it was the ultimate perfect device). Recently I've had for about a year the 7290, a little eavier and a bit fatter but, well, I could still cope with that.

                                Recently I have got a brand new 8707v. Not for long, for about two weeks now. Well, guys, there was this one thing I was used to like very much in blackberry devices: battery life.

                                Although these new 87xx models presents a stilish user interface (useful?) and a good loud speaker (necessary?), and a bright screen (better then the transflective? really?) battery life makes it unaceptable.

                                If you technical guys at RIM are reading this, take it seriously, also I recommend you to walk upstairs to the marketing department (yes, those guys like me wearing a sharp dark suit that look at you as they were intelligent) and tell them that fooling culistomers with aleged improved battery life on brochures, probably makes you earning new customers but puts a serious question mark on your capacity to delivery effective improvements and interpret business needs. For gadget phones we have other brands, for office mobility, so far, blackberry was ideal.

                                Facts speak for theirselves and much louder than the new loud speaker (necessary?). Take your bb 87xx out with you for three days on a business trip and will become a paper holder befoure you board your return flight.

                                And no, I don't do more calls today than I was doing 1 month ago with the previous 7290 version.

                                Sorry for sharing this with you. But watch out, there is a lot going on in the mobile market and if you loose on the grounds that have set you a part from all the other vendors, you end up deluding your customers and doing someonelse a favor.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • kN7
                                  • 20 Jun 2006

                                  no camera? mp3? hah..amatures like you should stick to phones more your age, blackberry devices are for adults and for ...go play with your hotwheels now litte boy.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • SbD
                                    • 19 Jun 2006

                                    this phone is designed for business users who need to work while on the it doesnt need camera or an mp3! it is one of the best phones fromt he company if you use it for the purpose it is designed for!

                                      • V
                                      • VISHAL
                                      • Pxx
                                      • 19 Jun 2006

                                      no camera, no mp3, no memory. bad phone from the company

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                                        • Si
                                        • MAr
                                        • 02 Jun 2006

                                        It doesn't have an Intel chipset!!