BlackBerry Bold 9000

BlackBerry Bold 9000

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  • Martin

Can anyone tell me if the Bold or any Blackberry phone for that matter is fully compatible with APPLE IMac computers, for example, can I load music/films bought from itunes on to it without resorting to third party conversion software? I know that the iphone is probably a better choice for this but the Bold just has more of what I need! So, is the software that ships with the Blackberry compatible with a Mac? PS Thanks for all the reviews, its realy helped me decide between the iphone and the Bold! CHEERS!!!

  • George

,,Dear OHGE.. That´s true only 65kb color display...And most tha all due 65 Kb its the tops windows mobile resolution affordable even in latest phones mate..... But i agree at all... such device deserve at list 256kb diplay rsolution ...

  • 24601

poppins, 26 Jun 2008Do you know when exactly I will be able to purchase the blackber... moreVodafone (UK) release date of this handset has been put back from 22 July to 8 August. It's a dilemma - this, the HTC Diamond Touch (from Vodafone on 14 July) or, if my BB 8800 will last that long - drag it out for the Nokia N96.

  • Hitman

Does Blackberry Bold have GPS receiver builtin? Or it is like the i-phone only the maps are there but no receiver???? PLease let me know this is very important.... Can I do location find out through the phone??

  • andrew

its out on the 3rd of aug, vodafone.

  • h patel

sorry typo error the upgrade cost is 239.99 on tmobile and confirmed launch of 5th july

  • LG Vu user

Display has 65,000 colors?
What the heck, I thought minimum for high-end devices is 256,000?
I mean some devices have 16,000,000 colors...I just don't get how this Bold only has 65,000.
So how does the screen look? All pixelated or does it actually look nice?

  • meds

h patel, 26 Jun 2008confirmed upgrade rrp of £219.99 on tmobile. out next week...... how sure r u that t-mob will launch it nxt week??? they always seem to launch phones 1 year late lol

  • blackbolder

Bb bold use processor 624 Mhz but who know the name of processor ? Intel, marvel or qualcom ? Or TI OMAP? I wish the bb bold ram can be 256 Mb, 128Mb not enought to media. And 1Gb? It's Rom or hdd ?? Plz reply. Yahoo I'd: thinhnguyen108

  • anderson

just wondering does this phone provide any sms report?

  • poppins

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2008I have a demo of this phone... It is the best thing Blackberry h... moreDo you know when exactly I will be able to purchase the blackberry bold, I am dying to get my hands on it.

  • h patel

confirmed upgrade rrp of £219.99 on tmobile. out next week......

  • Anonymous

Has anyone who made fun of this phone ever used it? If you haven't then stop

  • Anonymous

I have a demo of this phone... It is the best thing Blackberry have done! If you are going to mock this phone atleast make sure you use one before making your uncalled for comments! Its not as though you will ever live up to what Blackberry can do!

  • Anonymous

All the celebrity women have blackberrys, I see more girls than guys that have them you have nothing to worry about there made for men and women.

  • Iphone user

The Bold?

They must of mis-spelt this...

I think they mean

THE what-have-we-done-this-time

please bring out your touch screen phone, I only want to hear about your BlackBerry Thunder
not this black berry garbage

  • BB

@ love@1stSight
Haha, there`re no separate phones for males and females, I`ve seen girls with N95s and TYTNs and they look I don`t know... sexy:) It just depends on what you need from the phone(QWERTY, mail...) If its just the design thats OK too. If you love it that much and you can afford it, than just buy it!

  • bda

Eva, 20 Jun 2008Im questioning as to which Blackberry phone i should have!...the... moreas a young person my self the u should definitly get the curve as it is currently the most popular smart phone and every teen and person in their 20's has one in my country...Bermuda 4 lyfe...hope this helps

  • love@1stSight

is this phone more masculine? I'm female n i've fallen in love wit this, but everybody says that it does not suit females. i need an opinion

  • Anonymous

good phone