BlackBerry Bold 9000

BlackBerry Bold 9000

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  • bravian

Prince, 05 May 2015How can I install whatsaap & fb........please tell me??????just visit the browser and search for whatsapp then download

  • bravian

my BB bold has refused to turn on.It just shows a red led light and a white screen please help new to blackberry and its not a pleasant experience so far

  • bravian

to install whatsapp you go to the blackberry browser and search for it then simply press download

  • Prince

How can I install whatsaap & fb........please tell me??????

  • Amar

Its get heating.y

  • Crummy

how do you change blackberry from Australian use to New Zealand?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2015how to configure wifi?i cant even connect to internetTo connect your phone to your home WiFi :-
1.Go to 'SET UP' on your home screen.Click it.
2.Go to 'SET UP WIZARD' click it.
3.Scroll up to 'SET UP' for WiFi coverage area.
your phone will scan for WiFi networks and hopefully list the name of the WiFi device running in your house. My WiFi device is the one we have for our computer and printer. When you are connected to WiFi, you should be abel to access Internet. Hopefully this helps.

  • nickpack

Martian, 03 Feb 2015Since this phones were discontinued, does anyone know where... morego to ebay

  • Martian

Since this phones were discontinued, does anyone know where I'd br able able to buy the trackball on this phones?

  • Anonymous

how to configure wifi?i cant even connect to internet

  • Ezlase

how to repare my bb bold9000

  • sam

Dose it have radio? also want to find the path to wifi access point

  • Anonymous

Question. Does this phone have push tobtalk?

  • AnonD-218765

hey does it download twitter and facebook app from blackberry app world?

  • AnonD-338129

Yes you can, I've been using it. Just download Whatsapp from Blackberry World and you're good to go.

  • Grover

can i download whatsapp on this exact model?
need answer fast!!!

  • Tout Mignon

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2014Guys, there is no any way to expand internal memory, & ... morelooking for the last rom update then shrink it with bbboss apps to get more free memeory

  • Anonymous

stevostar, 31 Jul 2014Pleas assist me on how to expand my internal memory and to ... moreGuys, there is no any way to expand internal memory, & u cannot upgrade B.B. 9000 to latest version.
For running smoothly your B.B. 9000, get clear all time phone storage data(which U don't want longer) other transfer to media storage.

  • mee

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2014Am not able to set my whatsapp on my bold 9000 and any time... moreI m facing the same problem so I wish to know if u have being able to activate your whatsapp,help me if u have able to repair that fault

  • Abijith

its a wonderfull mobile phone