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  • Anonymous

vilio, 17 Oct 2011I have a blackberry 9000, for 3 days I can not access internet w... moresearch for a wifi and then just get connected to it. after that in wifi options scroll to wifi connection and press bb menu key an opt for wifi hotspot login. u will get connected wifi and now browse.

  • Zeus09


As u can see there's alot who hates BBs and also love BBs. But i guess the haters are increasing. If you want the user base to retain i would STRONGLY suggest you start listening to your CUSTOMERS. Start supporting your old devices without leaving them out in the dark, obviously for ppl like us the only way out is to get another device ! Think about it...

See what SE did to the x10i by giving 2.3 update. All the old BB device owners are stuck with BB OS5, why not 6 upwards and fix the RAM issue. I can't install more than 3 apps on my bb9000 as it gets laggy and laggy. I hope you will see this note

  • Zeus09

Danny, 03 Nov 2011I hv a blackberry but i want a new battery can someone help me outThe battery on the bold series is awesome compared to other bb's or other phones out there. I'm using a bold 9000 and i've used so many other models.

Get a backup and do a full wipe. Restore contacts etc, but only the apps u really REALLY want. There are apps in app world that suck ur battery without your knowing, even if closed. BB OS is not like android to have advanced apps to figure things out. So before you install something think 10 times whether u need it and do a research and see its reviews. I had the same issue, after doing a full wipe and careful selection of apps sorted my berry.

hope this helped... cheers

  • Danny

I hv a blackberry but i want a new battery can someone help me out

  • Danny

I hv a blackberry but i want a new battery can someone help me out

  • Imran

Hi all, i m user of bb bold 9000... i want brower setting.. if any body help in this matter.. thanks in advance...

  • akif

AnonD-27858, 27 Oct 2011hi everyone...i think i made a huge mistake by trading my iphone... moreHi nika I have a 2ndhand bb bold 9000 hi is good working in my hand if ur any problom ur bb bold us shere with me hi is nice smartphone

  • chie

@nikka... i have the same problem too with my blackberry bold 9000 which is also a second hand... what i did was, i went to a technician and ask him to check whats wrong with the phone... and i found out that it has a short circuit inside thats why the battery drain fast so even if i buy a new battery it will be the same... and it will also damage the new battery.... whats worst is that when i got my phone bill i was surprise to see that there was and internet charges which i didnt use and it billed... so i think my phone is connecting on its own... when i ask how much will i have to spend to fix it... it will cost me almost the same value of a brand new blackberry 9000... so i think its wise to buy a new one than to repair it coz the technicial also says that reapairing it will not be a 100% sure it will work perfectly... if you're going to the authorized service center of the blackberry it will be more expensive.. so think about it

  • AnonD-27858

hi everyone...i think i made a huge mistake by trading my iphone 3g to blackberry bold 9000 cause i want to try something new.the bb bold is a second hand,and im not happy because of battery drain so fast even if im not using it.i turn off all the possible applications that uses so much power on the battery but still nothing changed its still the same,it takes me 4 hours to fully charge(100%)and have to charge it daily after a few minutes from fully charge the battery goes down to 95% and im not using it just in standby.its stressing me out,i had it monday and up to now i dont get the chance to explore the unit because im saving the battery.i really dont know what must be the problem,is it the battery?do i have to replace a new one?if somebody out there has the same problem as mine and have a solution please please help looking forward to read your helpful tips..thank you

  • nika

i have a second hand blackberry bold 9000 and its making me stress because the battery drain so fast even if im not using it.i turn off all the possible application that uses so much power but still nothing change.the first time i charge the unit,up to present it takes almost 4 hours to be full charge(100%)i did not fully drained the battery when i charge it,its in 20%..i dont know or have any idea whats to be the problem,is it the battery?do i have to replace a new one?if somebody out there has the same problem as mine and have a solution,please please give a comment or suggestion that may looking forward to read your helpful tips,etc...thanks

  • jejeh919

the memory application is to low.. :(

  • thompson

i have a bbb 9000 great phone i love the design but i wish they could make the bbb9000/2 design with dual core processor

  • Anonymous

i want to steal bb9000

  • Anonymous

i have a blackberry 9000 and its has a problem with its battery

  • AnonD-27196

AnonD-26620, 17 Oct 2011 i want to upgrade my bb bold to os5 can you please show me the steps Read this

HOW TO: Upgrade BB with or without data plan!

Hi all!

i'm writing this how to, because of my problem to upgrade my BB 9000. i have no data plan, and i couldn't get the Loader to load my OS...

after a lot of troubleshooting... i finally got the answer so, this is me sharing it!

these are the 'normal' instructions of installing an OS:

Instructions for installing either version on ANY carrier's 9000:

1. Download the above OS file to the PC then install it to the PC by running (double clicking) the file you downloaded.
2. Go to c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."
3. Plug in BB and double click on "Loader.exe." It's located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.

you did all these steps, just like the instructions say, but the damnn loader wont load your OS?

and you'll get something like this?:

no vendor.xml on your pc, even not in the VirtualStore, and it wont load the damn OS? This is your solution

I recommend the following instructions even if the 'normal' method works, because it's going to be a complete fresh instal.

ok lets go:

first get the following things,
1. BBSAK (­er.msi)
2. Your BB OS!
3. DM (to make a backup)
4. Shrink-a-Os (­)

first of all, make sure you uninstalled every OS you don't want to instal on your Blackberry.

1) Install BBSAK

2) Install New OS

If you want the Original OS to be installed, without a shrink please proceed to step 3

Now we are going to Shrink Our OS, this helps a lot if you want a fast BB, or if you have a lot of apps wich drain your device memory.

ok you have the shrink a os file downloaded on your Computer.

Press the windowsbutton + 'R'

the run screen on your pc will pop up, copy this in it! and hit run

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\

now you will se a OS folder (mines is '9000M_v5.0.0_1682_5.2.0.93) this is where the OS is installed on your pc.

open this folder and copy the Shrink - a - OS file in the folder!

if you have the option run as administrator, run it as administrator, or else just double click on it!

now you have to check the highlighted box (see picture)

just check the boxes of the items you don't want or don't need

Hit the Shrink my os button, and the program will shrink your os,

it will show you how much MB's you've won by doing this step

ok continue with step 3

3) lets make some backups,
- first backup your device using the Desktop Manager (i think i dont have to explain this)
- if you have third party apps you'll have to open BBSAK, typ in your password(if you have one) if not, leave blank.

click on the Backup Apps button, and BBSAK wil backup your APPS! =D

4) Open BBSAK,

Click on the 'Wipe Device' button . It says " Are you sure ? This is a low level wipe " this is just fine, click on the OK Button

5) Now your Blackberry is wiped, it will restart, and give you an Error (507)
this is what we want, because now you'll have an empty BB, and there will be nothing to read for the DM or the Loader.exe

6) Make sure your BB is on, and press the reconnect button on BBSAK, if your pin shows up, this is good, if not try a battery pull and detach your BB from your computer, and re attach it. this will work

7) Hit the Load OS button on BBSAK

8) this screen wil pop up,

i guess you did notice it's just the loader. exe ... (you'll think) WAIT the loader.exe.. i didn't delete the vendor.xml!! no problem, BBSAK automatically did this for you! Nice huh!

now the only thing you've gotta do is run the installation program!

now you've got your OS loaded, the loader.exe wil say load succesfully or something like that, let the bb reboot and let it takes its time, (first time is going to be looooong!)

9) open BBSAK again, and press Restore Apps

10) open DM and let it restore the BB,

afterwards, bull the battery let it reboot again, and start to check out the fresh installed new OS!!

i hope this helps you!

Greetz Sherwin!

HOW TO: Update BB With(out) Data Plan

  • Hashid

vilio, 17 Oct 2011I have a blackberry 9000, for 3 days I can not access internet w... moreSet tcp/ip

  • joshi amit 903386751

my had a very good experience with bold 9000....

  • vilio

I have a blackberry 9000, for 3 days I can not access internet wi fi THROUGH. that could have happened?. please help

  • enial

AnonD-24691, 04 Oct 2011 Can blackberry bold connect with the other brand handset by blu... moreyes!but you have to click receive using bluetooth before you receive any data or pics....

  • Habeeb

royaldonpie, 14 Sep 2011Its a crazy phonee I luv itttttttttttttttt.I upgraded it to os 5how could you upgrade ur os boss?