BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650

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  • bluejayzzy

Bold 4 is preferable cause the battery life is so if u r on bold 3 expect notin much except the 512ram onboard memory...

  • drexler

very sophisticated but nokia will still remain the best

  • Anonymous

Good mobile phone but blackberry should improve in the 3g HSDPA and they should change the software of this phone because all blackberry phones software is same I didn't noticed any huge change in the software even in os6 as well as the sound system in the headphones and the out speaker and Another thing is that this phone cameras only 3.15 MP so I would recommend this phone for its nice shape and style and good keyboard and I recommend anyone who wants a full blackberry performance like 5 mp to buy blackberry bold 3 9780

  • Anonymous

good phone for making the name of the blackcerry alive in the market i m goine buy it soon and for nokia they are way behind in the race to beat bb

  • ila

this is a site to post comments and questions about BB NOT to debate about other phones, so please GROW UP!

  • Anonymous

if u cost it makes since for everyone ta get a blackberry so we can save money.

  • Lokesh

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2011hi there can any one help me out with a bluetooth connection,how... moreHey,

Firstly, turn the bluetooth on and find the other device from which you want the music to be transfered and then add the device in My Devices.

Once the device is added then go to Media and in the options Menu you can find "Recieve Using Bluetooth"

And You are done.


  • Anonymous

remember me and list, 04 Dec 2010hey Anonymous i recieved a free blackberry when i sent it to 8 o... moreYa blackbeery company are mad to do such thing................pls stop thhis crap

  • Anonymous

Not sure, 28 Dec 2010If you want a radio Rakesh go to the store and buy one, Cell p... moreIf cellphones are for makin calls and recievin them y do u need BB............just go for nokia's low end mobile..........
u can shut ur eyes and think there is darkness bt dont think all the guys around are fool

  • Anonymous

JRF, 30 Dec 2010BlackBerry isn't the only one. Androids and iPhones don't have F... morenobody here is a fool to believe phones have FM radio......iphone dont..............

  • lemmy mweri-kenya

I think its a nice phone, i use it for calls and Emails.

Th e only Problem Blacberrys have is the Battery,they dont last that long,you have to chatge them everyday,other batteries for other phoes last for even three days.

But generally i enjoy and love using Blackberry Phones,they are the best in terms of services.


  • Anonymous

hi there can any one help me out with a bluetooth connection,how can i show to other devices so i can send and recieved music and other things with blutooth thanks guys

  • heyjudy (Indonesia)

9650 has a great camera, autofocus n LED. I feel comfort with the size (between 9000 n 9700). Friendly cellphone but the battery is the worst..!! Not last longer than 1 day hiks... (u_u)

  • Ronza

Is this phone support document editing (word editing, excell editing)?

  • simple

if cellphones are made only for making and receiving calls,why nobody is making phones with monochrome display!I think (may be I'm wrong)phones with monochrome display can also handle calls.

  • Anonymous

the phone is good

  • JRF

rakesh , 26 Dec 2010why blackberry doesnt gives radio fw feature? BlackBerry isn't the only one. Androids and iPhones don't have FM radio, but you can download music apps and some come with local radio stations.

  • ckent

screech, 25 Dec 2010Had this 9560 (unlocked for sim card) for 2 months. Sold it quic... morewell its definetelly awesome has all onyx features...with better n higher memory but it lacks on battery power.
well im just upgrade the OS with hybrid OS 6.8 it solves the battery issue, fully battery charged can last for 9-12 hours with maximum usage of messenger n emails

  • Not sure

rakesh , 26 Dec 2010why blackberry doesnt gives radio fw feature? If you want a radio Rakesh go to the store and buy
one, Cell phones are made for making calls and receving calls.


  • Anonymous