BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650

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  • nbn1

Nothing new bout the new fone with the recent model 9700. Blackberry should change their name to boredberry than blackberry.

  • Anonymous

I believe the difference between this and bold 9700 is that the bold 9650 has a bigger keyboard much alike the bold 9000. Or maybe there isn't a difference.

  • bogs28

same old specs and design... bring in some true new models BB

  • Yusuf

pinkllama, 26 Apr 2010what's the difference between this and the bold 9700?This will have 256Meg of RAM I believe. 9700 has 128Meg of RAM

  • elina

In network it's supposed to be written gsm/cdma like previous tour..

  • pinkllama

what's the difference between this and the bold 9700?

  • V

Good job, BB! Keep on going.