BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650

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  • BB

this has:
1)- better memory than 9700
2)- little bit wider screen than 9700
4)- poor battery compared to 9700

that's it...:)
i don't know why they are going to release the 9650. the 9700 been released in a month & half in my country.

  • BB

What does CDMA/EVDO mean??

  • red-tailed hawk

Nothing much over the BB 9700 , just a bit heavier and a better internal memory ... Apart those specs it's all the same to me . Anyway I like it cuz I'm a BB fan . haha !!

  • Moh'd

nice 1 4m BB.

  • Anonymous

ashu_simple07, 27 Apr 2010ya bb not focusing on pixel ?????? why why not a much bette... morebuy your self a camera then attache it to your BB...:))
BB is for business,,,,,,

  • glance

ill stick with my 9700...

  • Howard

Am shortly due an upgrade after 16 months of Bold 9000 which has been fantastic apart from recently the sound has virtually gone, it least it still vibrates. Is it just a natural progression to move onto the 9700 or nowadays with all these new futuristic phones coming out which seem to have everything on apart from Messenger, are they the way forward ?

  • Anonymous

ashu_simple07, 27 Apr 2010ya bb not focusing on pixel ?????? why why not a much bette... moreOh Ashu shut up!!!! If you have to ask silly questions on why Blackberry have 2 or 3MP cameras you dont deserve to use one!! ID tell you but dont want to confuse you.

  • ashu_simple07

ya bb not focusing on pixel ?????? why why not a much better cam ..........
what about cpu still same ohhh god!
bb take care

  • Anonymous

And yes bold 3 is for GSM and CDMA both I'm using the trial version its bold 2 and iphone combined. Amazing experience yes its touch screen people.

  • godfathwriv

The bold 3 will have a better memory and camera than bold 2 and it will be touch screen.

  • SMS Bhai

BB 9650 is for CDMA and it will not be available in GSM, you need to correct the info there mate. Cheers

  • BB

i don't think this is the true picture of the 9650. i think it is just what it would be like....

because this and 9700 have an identical specification, so the change will definitely be in the appearance.

  • Aasim

What's different than BBB 9700? looks identical!! it does have GSM (as reported in Specs). ????

has steve jobs taken over RIM :-D

  • Bosun99uk

Nothing new.
Hope storm 3 will be more tantalising

  • benny

what is the point of this model . this like golf to make gollf 4

  • Anonymous

it gonna be a CDMA, no GSM.

9700 for GSM
9650 for CDMA

  • Anonymous

i wonder if you can watch xtube videos on this one???

  • Fouad

The model 9650...sounds like a step backwards. This should have been released before the 9700.

  • nbn1

Nothing new bout the new fone with the recent model 9700. Blackberry should change their name to boredberry than blackberry.