BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry Bold 9700

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  • elina

finally..hope that the price isn't too expensive..what about the processor??624 mhz??

  • Anonymous

I don't know which business mobile to get i had the E90 got the N97 but it is not good now this BOLD 2 i never had a blackberry experience does any one recommend a business phone


  • Anonymous

not just the same specs as the bold 9000...better camera...smaller...lighter...MUCH better design...double the ram....processor reportedly can run near 800 mhz when the bolds runs at 624 mhz...this one also has the trackpad instead of the trackball which gets stuck alot of wrecked with dirt and dust getting caught in it...

  • Anonymous

best blackberry made to date...period...revolution? oh yes

  • Jay vodafone

Loooks great...after so many blackberrys with one posotive and 2 negatives they might have finally grouped it all together. RIP the trackball may you never be seen again...

  • Angry Chinese Driver

dboz, 08 Oct 2009this looks like a nice upgrade but i think nokia e72 is still be... moreSorry BBM = Nokia is inferior! If Nokia kept BBM, then for sure you're right.

  • Camberley

dboz, 08 Oct 2009this looks like a nice upgrade but i think nokia e72 is still be... morenokia e72 hahaha! thats nokia attempting to be a blackberry its like going to buy a tv and picking up a panaphonic!

  • Anonymous

please put the tracker ball on here!

  • Anonymous

Why the camera is still there? While there's no avi file player in the storm 2. Which one is for business aim and which one is for multimedia segment? I'm confused.

  • azni

same spec's as bold 9000 but nice body,

  • Gbenga

The best BlackBerry so far. I can't wait to have a feel!

  • Hongdolaxi

This is a very nice handset, I always like Blackberry becasue it is very realible.

  • J_Banks

cool looking phone, looking forward to it :)

  • John

This is the Best Phone Blackberry has ever made. Hope is not too big or heavy like Bols 9000. I am waiting to release repalce my Tour with this.

  • dboz

this looks like a nice upgrade but i think nokia e72 is still better as a sleek, solid handset.

  • Sercan Bozkurt

I own a 8320 and waiting for this one to get a new one. Bold2 will probably be the best smartphone for sometime. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.