BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 3G 9100 running OS 6 on video

29 September, 2010

We've already had our first encounter with BlackBerry OS 6 with the Torch 9800, but it will eventually come to the non-touch Bold 9700 and Pearl 3G among others. A couple of hands on videos show what you should expect of the new OS.

The homescreen shortcuts can be scrolled left and right, just like on the Torch but that doesn't seem to work as well without a touch screen. Smoother transitions make the UI more attractive too. You can also see the revamped music player.

One of the most expected additions in BlackBerry OS 6 is the new web browser. It's based on WebKit, which improves the experience compared to the fifth version of the OS. In the video above, you can see the new browser run on BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Reportedly, the processing powered of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 was a bit short and not all that smooth. The Torch 9800 has twice the RAM as the Bold 9700 and the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (both the 9100 and 9105), which smoothed things out.

Check out the hands-on video of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (that's the half-QWERTY variant). Notice the social networking integration too.

It is hard to tell when the BlackBerry OS 6 update for the Bold 9700 and Pearl 3G will be available - it depends on the carrier, but the first ones should start coming out in a few weeks.