BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • red-tailed hawk

[deleted post]As I see it, u'd better go for the Bold 9780.

  • sharan

this mobile is sam lik de bold 2

  • red-tailed hawk

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2010If you go to or you can download... moreHey,
Could u please give us a feedback on how the OS6 works on ur BB 9700 ? And did u download it from ur phone or ur PC ? Ur response would be very appreciated. Thanks !!

  • sami

same deign same QWERTY keyboard
i am tyred just fuckkk of..........

  • Anonymous

when is blackberry going to introduce a dual sim phone?

  • Anonymous

ggfla, 02 Nov 2010I am getting sick of RIM. I would liketo get a 9780 but wha... moreIf you go to or you can download all the 6.0 softwares for the curve 3g, bold 9700 or pearl 3g. I currently have the bold 9700 with Os the lastest in OS 6

  • SnowLeopard

[deleted post]Lol!..couldn't think of any other name at that time! Anyways, both phones are quite good and i'm seriously considering the bold! What would you recommend?

  • sku

i want the bold 9700 or 9780 but someone mentioned to me, that its more a business phone than a social phone like the curve 8520, what do u guys think? coz i dont want to go for the wrong thing here, pay all that cash and i dont put the phone to its full use! its just the bold is such a nicer classier phone!

  • EDY

Is there anyone able ask RIM, when they gonna put flash player on their phones. Since Adobe bought it, every day more and more sites on the web use it.Nokia is using version 4.0 in its later phones.I love BBs but this trouble it's making me mad.

  • anon

Greg, 08 Nov 2010What's wrong with RIM and those ridiculous PRICE TAG??? Jus... moreOMG. Thats exactly how i feel.

  • Anonymous

SnowLeopard, 08 Nov 2010Which one would anyone choose..Bold 9780 or iPhone 4??..The... morevery simple. If you can owen only one phone and not two? then of course iphone 4. I have both and i love them both

  • SnowLeopard

Which one would anyone choose..Bold 9780 or iPhone 4??..They're both about the same price and almost the same specifications!

  • Anonymous

All BB Bold models are good looking & perfect size for handling. In my opinion, the 9700 is better / classier lookiing than the 9780 because of the chrome bazel & the crome insert around the keypad.

  • Greg

What's wrong with RIM and those ridiculous PRICE TAG??? Just because of OS6 and they have to kill us with that Price? cmon RIM, don't be Iphoulish!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2010BlackBerry is good phone .. but, many have to fix it .. ... moreneverrrrr

  • Shahid

I am using 9700 in Pakistan, its much better 9780, but not enogh changes, just OS 6, MP and may b battery timing. it doesnt matter for me. any way 9780 is a great Phone.

  • bbuser

Why the Blackberry Messenger Service in Indonesia is so slowwww.....NOW....

Put your data center in Indonesia instead of Singapore....

Otherwise your market share in Indonesia will go down to the bottom like your market share in America and Europe...

  • Dan

I have bold 9700 and I have already installed OS 6 on it, and it works like charm. The only two differences I saw in this 9780 phone are the memory (512 instead of 256, its not a problem to me) and the camera megapix (5 mp instead of 3.2, it may be worth the change but not to me)

  • austin great

Apart from the difference in mega pixel camera, what are the other major differences between Bold 9780 and 9700? I also hope that Bold 9780 has a wider screen?

  • BIG H

Good phone exactly same as bold 9700 but better spec ie Blackberry 6 OS, 5MP camera with flash, ergonomic qwert keypad, 21 days standby , 38 hours playback.