BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • Irs

how to do the manual internet settings
in BB devices?

  • champ

i just bought the torch bb, and i think after having it for a day it is a very hyped up device ( i do not like it ......putting it midly) any way now i want to know when is the 9780 bold being launched in India????

  • Anonymous

this is hottttttt, love it, want one

  • lucius mckoy

went blackberry is going to get radio and to veiw face book in real time like on the computer

  • Anonymous

It is a good upgrade for Bold 9000 or Curve 8900 user. but i don't know how GSMARENA people can make such mistake -> they post the size of Bold9000 and picture of Bold 9700 :o(

  • €-^nn€

Wow! The same garbage over n over. These guys are obviously out of designs. The phones originally came out fat then gradually trimmed down, so what, they're gonna go fat again? There's only so much that can be done. I'd predicted the phone having the same design, but hey, 6.0 os and a step up with the camera to 5.0 mp, so... Still not impressed

  • Anonymous

I wonder too. Blackberry being business phone why no have front camera?

  • Vineet

Diff" bet" 9780 / 9700
** Cam 5mp / 3.15mp
** Ram 512 / 256 (MB)

  • Anonymous

For the price, it won't work

  • blackberry fan!!

you have to check the new software OS 6 integrated to this phone. its amazing.9700 with OS 5 seems old.

  • Anonymous

Why GSM Arena write the dimensions of the phone wrong?? It suppose to be same size as Bold 9700. It say 9870 is 114X66X15 136g, and 9700 is 109X60X14 122g. Checked on internet other sites and gsmarena is wrong in dimensions.

  • b

why no front facing cam? just wondering

  • Imanmanan

How much will it cost in the UK? Simfree? Contract?
I hope its not as expensive as Torch 9800
Nov 17?? I just cant wait for it anymoree :D

  • The King

I love BlackBerry so much bec the Camera so good and other goooood......!

  • Anonymous

After 1 Year of working the only thing RIM accomplish is the Camera???

Come on RIM

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010camera also 5.0 Mp compare to Bold 9700 only 3.15

  • Official on BB Site

  • FYI

look at this link

  • Anonymous

Syed H, 25 Oct 2010What's the difference between this and the Bold 9700? Just the OS6?camera also 5.0 Mp compare to Bold 9700 only 3.15

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2010It is not roumered. It is confirmed on Bell Mobility on Nov 2nd.... moreComing to T-mobile on Nov 17th Confirm by Crackberry