BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • AnonD-16946

still the best blackberry i have ever owned.....waiting anxiously for bb 10 with keyboard...:)

  • kunal

its bettet to buy htc one vc than to buy blackberry 9780.i do have both and i am telling with my personal experience.

  • B B

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2012Pls can I download DSTV on Bold 9780.. Or watch DSTV live on 978... moreYes u can connect to DSTV just visit ur multi choice office and they will connect you.

  • Anonymous

my battary does not stay the full day , is that normal!!

  • Ramy Mohsen

still the best phone i have ever used :)

  • rwn

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2012Is the blackberry bold 9780 also known as bold 4?no, BlackBerry Bold 9780 also known as BlackBerry Onyx II

  • Anonymous

Is the blackberry bold 9780 also known as bold 4?

  • Locco

My god! I so unlike this phone. I have got it from my company and I really need to admit I was expecting something else. It does not read all the data saved on 32 GB memory card, especially music files, gives a lot (90%) of errors during copying. Cannot comunicate with pc software - does not accept password to connect. I used to use Nokia C5 before and I it would support company email I would still use it as it met all my expectations (which are not big in hand help aspect). So summarizing - I am really dissapointed with this BB 9780 phone...

  • Dr Godswill

Hi peeps..! Based on experience can this phone create or edit a microsoft word document? Secondly, can it open an adobe pdf file and flash? Thirdly, what challenges do you normally encounter while using this phone. Finally, do you recommend it for someone like me who is looking for phone that got all business features such as ms word, excel, presentation pdf, etc?

  • mad max

Good phone. In threaded sms I can delete conversations 1 at a time. Is this possible in bbm messaging?

  • Prezzy

AKKI, 01 Oct 2012my blackberry bold stop charging above 45%. it show that battery... moreGet a new battery

  • Asir

What to buy? Bold 9780 vs Curve 9320? Battery life is very important, apps like whatsapp, viber, facebook messenger, . im going to use it very intensive...

  • undercover

Marwan ElMalhy , 15 Sep 2012Which better Bold 9780 or Curva 9360 ? bold is good, btry life compere to 9360 and bold its fast on regaining its btry life

  • chiBYKE

wnted to K

  • undercover

this phone is good @times but the btry still not good enuf

  • AKKI

my blackberry bold stop charging above 45%. it show that battery is full...... But when i unplug it show only 45%........ any help please.

  • Bizzy

Pooyan, 15 Sep 2012Battery life of this phone is wonderfulllll!!! when i charge it ... moreThat's a lie dude...I gat a bb 9700 buh upgraded to 9780 dude d ba3 can't last 2days mayb 1 nd d half don't give wrong info pls

  • Anonymous

Pls can I download DSTV on Bold 9780.. Or watch DSTV live on 9780.pls I need a reply.

  • Anonymous

i wld like to get d bold dat wise nd aw much is it

  • Jeevan Gill

Blackberry very smart phone