BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

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  • Rob

Umer, 30 Jan 2011Same Old Design :(Same old design???? Please tell me how else you can design a phone with a full qwerty keypad and screen without going down the unreliable route of sliders and flips?

The Bold is their flagship model and as a result must be able to last the 24 months of use most business contracts are using. This isn't a phone for the masses it is a business tool nothing more!

It is a stylish design that works extremely well, to redesign a BlackBerry Bold would be like coming up with a new shape for a wheel!

  • Anonymous

phones4u, 21 Feb 2011the screen will be too small to have a useful touch screen.the screen wont be that small for a touch screen.the nokia x3 has a tiny screen and its touch screen.wait for blackberry to change the outlook of this phone.hope it comes out cause i was only talking the other day i hope the bold comes out with a touch screen as it will keep me from going to another phone

  • RK

Why cant BB come out with a video call facility as I already use it on my 2 year old e 71 , the day it comes i will buy until then I have decided to stay put with Nokia knowing fully well that BB OS is still superior to Symbian

  • Professor Frink

It's in many ways the same phone but in many ways it's not. You guys have to remember that the bold has always been a full keyboard phone and is there high grossing phone that they offer. Why fix something that isn't broken, innovation is key for this line for Blackberry: tripling the processing power, double the ram, Improving U.I., making touch screen an option, adding a compass and other little kicks. Making the phone out of better materials, making it lighter more compact, yet sturdy and durable, Blackberry makes quality phones and there dpi is ideal as well.

  • phones4u

the screen will be too small to have a useful touch screen.

  • gt17500

well i heard is actuallu touch screen so kinda dual use withe keyboard and all

  • matalatala

think i saw someone with the handset already

  • Umer

Same Old Design :(