BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • Blackberry Superberr

AnonD-7985, 17 May 2011GUYS IT HAS A DISADVANTAGE : Back cover keeps making weird clic... moreThat's why good phone case is a must. i think it's also the problem of bold series.

  • AnonD-7985

Back cover keeps making weird clicking noises whenever pressure is applied. Everytime I go to pick it up in my hand to text, the cover makes this noise. It appears to be due to a pocket of air between the cover and the battery but the noise is getting really annoying.


WE HAVE TO Cut a chart paper of square size of the battery n cover the whole battery section man n keep it inside ..

  • fernando

can i make video call

  • abhi

You can upgrade to BB OS 6 in Curve 3g 9300 officially in India.Just walk in Reddington service center and they will upgrade the device. I confirm you will have less space to store apps as it gets limited to 90MB or less

  • Sam

AnonD-7987, 08 May 2011Hi, I'm 13 years old and I was wondering whether this phone is s... moreIf you can afford it, Why Not..??


  • sam

hi friends.i have a question for black berry 9300 3g.that can we use gprs on this phone with the help of opera mini. And that too without activating black berry services. Pl rep

  • biggz

It is really a gr8 phn I love it... Go 9300

  • trevor

is BBcurve 9300 better than samsung B7510, i am thinking if what phone is worth to buy? and does Chikka messenger have an application for curve 9300?

  • Chris

Anonymous, 13 May 2011mt friend a BB without the BB plan is like a ferrari without pet... moreWhat do you mean sir/madaam saying ferrari without petrol?

  • Viet

AnonD-7987, 08 May 2011Hi, I'm 13 years old and I was wondering whether this phone is s... moreHi Bill8011, Blackberry totally suits you if you're texting-addicted (can support you for chatting, social networking, and emailing). Also, it would supports you greatly for tasks reminder, or work organizer.
Besides, the qwerty keyboard is quite convenient for touching (not punching); and Blackberry OS runs quite smooth.
Remember to install IM+ Pro - which works really great! Cheers

  • Anonymous

sun, 12 May 2011friends cant we do normal browsing with out Black berry plan ,,,... moremt friend a BB without the BB plan is like a ferrari without petrol... if you have opt in for the BB plan and feel the differance

  • sachin t

where do we find an ORIGINAL BB 9300 cover and for how much

  • mac

Hi guys.. if any one of you facing regarding the Zoom-in and if keys light not on..then kindly contact ur bb customer care centre..they will install latest version of software..

  • hamza

[deleted post]Dear friend ,,
stop using Nokia ,, I was using Nokia for many years ,it's very simple phone but when you compare Nokia with others you will know what you've been doing you just waste your money for nothing , you buy it in high price to get simple phone .
so I recommend you : BlackBerry , Sony Ericsson , iPhone , Google phones , Samsung . these are the best phones ever .
have a great day friend .

  • AnonD-2617

i don't know how but is giving this phone in white colour... has it been launched in white colour... the picture is however different... but i called them and they confirmed that it is the same handset....have a look:

  • Nicsta

shani, 10 May 2011what is the speed of the processor insideThe prossessor speed 624 mhz

  • raimaster

Bebe, 06 May 2011I love this bb but im scared of the battery strenght cos everyon... moreto set signal to 2G (edge or gprs) instead 3G will save your power consumtion as well turn off wifi and blutooth if finished. I never save history, cache on ym, bbf, facebook, twitter or social feeds (os6). Baterry live is normal 24-48 hours depend on activity.

  • winj

so loved it the new os 6 plus the bbm and lots of great features a powerful smartphone

  • Anonymous

is it possible to upgrade from OS-5 to OS-6???

  • whatever

Raj, 10 May 2011HI i herad that this phone is pretty slow & hangs a lot. ple... moreit usable,
what do you expect from "the cheapest" 3G blackberry?