BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • AnonD-4790

I have to make choice between Blackberry Curve3G, Nokia C6-01/C7, Samsung Galaxy/Wave II. Which one is best. Or is there any other in same category which I can look for?

  • drek

AnonD-4676, 26 Mar 2011Does it support video calling??? all networks in mumbai have sta... moredoes not support video calling as videocalling will only work for h/s with 2 cameras..

  • maha

the wifi told me that i'm connect to the internet but i cant open any page why?

  • saffy

it is a beuty no one can mess wiv ih the internet is really fast its amazing

  • Ankur

I need a phone fr my heavy texting needs, email over wifi and edge network, and a good music player...i was first plannin on buying Samsung galaxy ace but then decided on curve m having second thots...i ll be grateful to get some advice...apps like Facebook are common to only difference is the surely is fancy and the more i try it the more i like it...but i m keen on having a blackberry...curve 3g seems to fit my budget and is supposedly a good entry level views..???..thanx

  • hasan

which better curve 9300 or pearl 9100???


the os6 works great on the 9300 its so fast

  • AnonD-4676

Does it support video calling??? all networks in mumbai have started 3g video is a must....!!!!

  • dyords

try to upgrade my 9300 to Os 6 but its not yet available. also app world is not available in saudi.

  • KateB

nilesh, 23 Mar 2011classic phone..great looks..good battery life..superb music..gr8... moreMy just got my BB Curve 3G 9300 and the battery life is really bad. It doesn't even get to a day!Can you tell me if this is normal?I've taken it to the store and they say it's normal, but I find it very strange that when you look for a compatible battery on the store website there is none!Can anyone tell what model your battery is?Or what can I do?

  • yogesh

I want to purchase the Blackberry but i Confuse Which one is the best 8520 or 9300 plz any one give me the Suggestion....

  • AnonD-4576

Great Device

  • Anonymous

When I first purchased this phone i never thought that this is such a nice device i will give 9/10

  • Syed

Its a good phone and today I updated to OS 6.0 and its an excellent phone

  • Huzefa

9300 is the best in class.... better than the 2G and you have the option to upgrade your s/w.

  • bok

very good phone!!!

  • Anonymous

Hi guys, I wanna buy this phone but I need to know does it have voice-guided navigation. Will it tell me when you turn as I'm driving?

  • Harry

shano, 23 Mar 2011phone seems to be a pretty good phone.... quite reasonable price... moreFor me the battery last for 2 days with heavy usage. You can download themes from Blacberry app world, they have quite a few good and free ones. you can also try

  • Anonymous

debbie, 22 Mar 2011hi wats the cost of it in india...,actually its my birthday on 2... moreapprox 15k

  • me

Great phone, leaves nokia in the dust anyday!