BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • longtaofiq

Hello everyone, I've been this phone for almost a year now, its been a wonderful experience but the only minus is d unavailability of flash and when I upgraded the OS from 5 to 6 I enjoyed it even more!!!

  • shridhar

using since 6 months..but not user friendly..

  • Omalla

hi, i was charging my blackberry then electricity went off since then the phone has never worked , is have tried local technicians but the cant handle black berry
please your quick response will be highly appreciated

my email

  • guru

Can you use or upload whatsapp on the phone?

  • duded

I cannot received any picture when via mms. It said retrive the file but I don't even saw word retrive in the bb Icon. Then when I tried to online via wifi,I must off my mobile network first because when I'm turn on the data service it charge on my can fix this problem?

  • gizzy

hey my trackpad dont work on d home screen and on d bbm contact but it scrolls other places can some1 help me?

  • AnonD-119567


  • Anonymous

Hey, I'm using BB 9300 and its been a month now. My problem is that my App world application doesn't do anything for me I can't upgrade anything on it right now my BBM is not working so does my facebook and every morning when I wake up its off could it be that there's something I'm not doing right plz help plzzzzz I love my BBcurve 9300

  • Viper

my profile pic dont want to change. it changes on my phone but my contacts say that they dont see anything change. please can someone tell me why.

  • Anonymous

Kevin, 21 Feb 2013If your phone often hangs, try clearing out the log same like in... moreHey Man, thanks a million, alway wonder how to clear log on tthis phone.

  • Drake

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

  • Theodore Jeffrey

i have bb9300 i think it good i think it good indeed,i said i think it good i think it good indeed i said i think it good i think it good indeed,this phone give me no i said no problemo,but i said but my buttons give me problemo,it is lose andi dont like that i said i dont like that,but it is nice phone i like this phone,my next phone will be bb q10 i said my next phone is bb q10,i must get that phone i said i must get that phone,hahahahahaha ! nice must get that one yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

  • keith

may phone is not receive the bluetooth like a image and song then the wi-fi connection is not doprt wat hapenn

  • keith

may phone is not to soprt the bluetooth and wi-ficonnection wat is the prblem

  • tall shay

hTC chacha is better

  • Anonymous

hey my pad doed not work but everything else do what can the problem be

  • AnonD-116228

I've been using this model for 2 years now and it has performed flawlessly. It was upgraded to OS 6 and that improved the speed. There were a couple of apps that caused problems, but beyond that, I love it. I've used the GPS, email, text, telephone, internet, BB traffic, BB Messenger, Google Maps all with excellent results. It could use more memory for sure. 256 is just a tad small. Hardware continues to work flawlessly as well. Keyboard and trackball are very responsive. Actually I'm getting great speed on typing, though I could use smaller fingers.

  • Anonymous

I can't receive any data 4rm any other phone onto my blackberry model 9300

  • okpro

I cannot receive pictures or other files through bluetooth from a nokia phone to my blackberry curve 9300...I have tried all I could and yes I have done the "receive through bluetooth" stuff on the media menu, and the problem still persist, please someone help.

  • robeto

9300 hmmmmm!!