BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • :p

Don't buy this phone it basicaly only works with the basic features and even then it struggles to make people happy.. Load of crap. Iv sent mine back 3 times this year because it just freezes all the time and the tracking pad doesn't work most of the time...

  • spider

the phone is a bit slow on the web but i love it

  • Dboy Cox

Phone is okay, I jst hav a little problem. My phone if its on 3g it doesn't automatically change over to Edge when there is no longer 3g coverage, I change it manually, but my phone network settings is on automatic, any advice?pl Ease!

  • swagster

ELLE, 31 Dec 2012battery life is very poor you have to recharge after every hour ... morethe problem with ur 1 is dat u need a new batterry usually after a year or 2 the memory of the battery get very weak u need a new battery

  • ELLE

battery life is very poor you have to recharge after every hour you have used the phone

  • @Meme

giri, 22 Dec 2012call recording not available on bb 9300 Is call recording available on any  device?

  • anthony

love it

  • Mark

Just learnt that I'm getting one of these as my new work phone - and I now see that it's almost 3yrs old! In fact it's only just a bit newer than my HTC HD2 (which I've given to my kids and which is running a NAND version of ICS at the mo) and as I'm using a iPhone 4s at the mo I'm dreading usung such an archaic handset.... :-(

  • swagster

I had this fone 4 1 month doesn't download on all da different websites scroll is faulty starts to get slow after downloading a movie and apps anybody can help me with this problem

  • dwightdo

lolu, 26 Dec 2012I have had this phone since 2010, everything has worked well, no... moreI'm having problem with my 9300 it has downloading problems and it has been like this for over 4weeks and I realy can't get it right!I was on a wap and it tells me to check my onlince certification status and it must be off but I can't seem to find it anyone who can help me

  • AnonD-79991

this handset is really nice, although the low memory doesn't takes care my need for the apps, everything else is fine, i might change to another higher BB model but this one is nice

  • Nic

I own this phone and for the first couple of months all was working well until, when it came to text the cursor wanted to rearrange the letters of my words. The cursor searched through all the apps then, if i didn't lock the phone it would start ringing people from my address book. This phone for me has to many bugs plus, I also found that my old Song Ericsson had bugs as well. Why am I plagued with such issues...?

  • lolu

I have had this phone since 2010, everything has worked well, not a single problem.

  • Anonymous

What a rip of , got this this phone for like 7 months and its already in the dying stages. Faulty battery ,internet . The rubber on the side is damaged , software problems, memory low , a waste of money rather invest on another model,

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for 2yrs & not one single problem. everything works great, from the trackpad to the internet to all the programs.

  • NVT

I've had 3 of these phones on one contract and the track pad failed on the first 2. Now my sound doesn't work on the 3rd. Slow internet when it doesn't close text pages 'too large to load'. Biggest dissapointment of a phone I've ever had

  • Anonymous

Internet doesn't work most of the time, why pay for bis if something not working properly waste of fvcken money

  • Anonymous

Lot's of problems with the 9300 3G, very faulty, not worth it

  • Anonymous

My opinion about the 9300 3G, really a waste of money hey, next device will be a android

  • giri

call recording not available on bb 9300