BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • eve

my bb curve (9300) navigation dont work

  • vicky

What is network MEP code.please help me.

  • hafeen

mian romi, 19 Mar 2015guys if it has a battery problem then should buy it or buy anoth... morehell no go buy another phone but NEVER a blackberry. NEVER. TRUST ME.

  • branco

silas, 15 Jan 2015My blackberry 9300 refuse to install whatsappIt won't open mxit and whatsapp but my software is up to date

  • Anonymous

siya, 13 May 2015I jst bought this BB 9300 it gud 2 hav it my only problem with i... moreNo radio on a rubush phone

  • Ildar

After around two years of intensive usage rubber buttons on sides (convenience buttons) cracks and fall off. Right convenience button is felt off and there is hole now. Other rubber buttons on the sides (left convenince button, volume buttons) are cracked - rubber that covers them has cracks. The rest is good.

  • Reuben

popo123, 29 Dec 2014my blackberry worked for 2 yrs very good. but now whwnever i sta... moreRestore the factory then it would be back to normal.

  • AnonD-261415

why does my phone take long to open up??

  • pyne andrew

have had this phone but few days ago i started get rss feeds and it weakened on its peforms thats it takes long to switch on

  • siya

I jst bought this BB 9300 it gud 2 hav it my only problem with it is that I can't watch you tube vids and I can't download vids too can any1 help on what must I do

  • Harry

The phone have a problem with wifi cant connect with any one
How I connect it. ???

  • Anonymous

This phone is absolute rubbish! After 3 months of having it the white screen of death made a weekly appearance. It frequently freezes, crashes and attempts to re-boot 3-4 times within 15 minutes. Often, the trackpad doesn't register and is pretty broken. The lights underneath the keys are broken and dimming in and out and it constantly stops to load things that arent running. Overall ended up taking a Bold 9700 until I dropped it and the screen detatched. Since then, I have been UNABLE to use my 9300 because leacing it to sit for 1 month has ruined it completely. It just crashed right now as I attempted to UNLCOCK it. Save your money and time, buy a 9700

  • dess

how to flash the blackberry

  • Anonymous

The phone has serious software issues and battery issues.Super fast internet. poor camera, and it reboots when no one wants it too. Over the shell is tough. I only got it for whatsapp for my babygirl Nade The love of my life and long live the Blackberry 9300.

  • Prince

does this phone have a WiFi tethering or hotspot capability?

  • Bobly

Hi am in the Gambia , I started using this device in the month of april 2015 , I realize that its speaker is not loud, its does not use 3G with every app , most wifi , facebook can't be download , color white instead of black or red , very light , no flash light , but anyway I like it , how can I upgrade it from OS 5.0 to OS 6.0 ?

  • dhanraj

my watssup is not working?

  • aman

Ann, 22 Nov 2014I also have a BB 9300. I can connect to the internet but this de... moreHey Ann,
I am from Delhi, India.
And I have been using my BB9300 since 2011 march till now.
I don't find any problem in it.

  • Watsph

silas, 15 Jan 2015My blackberry 9300 refuse to install whatsappBlack berry 9300 watsph

  • Anonymous

why there is no FM radio APP available on this phone. is there any option available to download FM Radio? Pls suggest.