BlackBerry Curve 9360

BlackBerry Curve 9360

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  • Yogendra

I think Blackberry should bring in the market dual sim phones ....

  • jephunneh

i love curves better than bolds

  • wheyme

i hope it will have a secondary camera for video call and organized file system for videos pictures and music.

  • St

Why do they still use 5megapixel, if this phone had 8 i would buy it in a flash!

  • Aishu

It doesn't have a front video calling Camera!!!

  • Lvcio

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2011Whats new????????????Nothing, same Boring non Tech-Edgy thing...

  • edison

love it.. hope it will come out soon!!

  • Anonymous

I'm a BB Bold user. This Curve Apollo does look good!

  • forth

Forth yasssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Whats new????????????

  • Anonymous

Ionut, 14 Jan 20111st!!!d dude who type first ur an ass a big childish one and the design looks not so bb like im guessing this is the true 8900 successor

  • Ionut