BlackBerry DTEK50

BlackBerry DTEK50

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  • AnonD-273829

16gb internal? i think blackberry should stop producing phones like nokia did? lower specs with android 6 is useless these days

  • Marius

AnonD-564927, 26 Jul 2016Idol 4??? Neon??Right on, BlackBerry Neon is Alcatel Idol 4 rebranded an customized by BlackBerry. I think this is the minimum low for a company like BlackBerry... rebranding cheap budget phones!

I have a BlackBerry Classic and i will never ever buy a BlackBerry terminal powered by Android

  • c48

Unfortunately, it's single sim

  • AnonD-565033

Love to see BlackBerry new smartphone. Dying to grab one.

  • Ravi

good news. but too expensive when you see there are more better specifications from other countries. with this price structure bb will struggle to survive. especially when nokia started their new android devices it will be more worse. time for bb to think over.
however good luck

  • Iji

DTEK50 ?

  • Puppey

where's blackberry logo in front of the ph ? , actually, Im totally like that style :(

  • webman1956

I think Blackberry did the right thing using Alcatel.

  • Wow

This is Alcatel Idol 4

  • Anonymous

AnonD-564768, 26 Jul 2016Perfect! I'm buying it's own them all including the BlackB... moreif you cant wait, buy idol 4

  • blackberry fan

please 2610mah why not 3000 plus batt has always failed me on bb phones apart from overheating

using hardware 2014 technology
- Snapdragon 617( need s625 14nm)
- 16 GB (if spport app to sd no problem)
- microUSB

  • AnonD-564927

Idol 4??? Neon??

  • gg

they copied alcatels design are you kidding me..

  • Sam

Why memory is so low, only 16gb in this day and age is stupid. 32gb or 64gb costs next to nothing.

  • AnonD-496754

[deleted post]20,000 +

  • AnonD-564768

Perfect! I'm buying it's own them all including the BlackBerry Priv but I've gotta get this phone. Awesome I can't wait

  • someone

i need blackberry os variant to this phone. i better prefer blackberry os on blackberry devices.

  • Anonymous

read: alcatel IDOL 4

  • Anonymous

Duck BlackBerry, into a charger