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BlackBerry KEY2

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  • BB

I will buy this phone on the first day it releases.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 2018Because such an antiquated processor, 660 is 28 nm. It is n... moreSnadragon 660 is 14 nm processor.

  • AnonD-435175

Yes its 2018 and physical keyboards are still superior to touch based ones. After I had used BB priv for a while I knew there was no way I am going back to an all touch device.

  • AnonD-756219

The double camera is an evolution, but not the processor or the battery capacity. This must be maintained at 3500mA. The processor must be 636, going back to 660 is an error that will cost dearly

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 20184.5 inch display with qwerty keyboard!!! r u kidding??? it... moreDid you just recently learn about Blackberry or Key One?

  • Anonymous

Because such an antiquated processor, 660 is 28 nm. It is not a logical evolution, it must be 636 which is 14 nm. And faster than the 630, because BB?

  • Anonymous

4.5 inch display with qwerty keyboard!!! r u kidding??? it's 2018 dude!!!

  • Prince

I want optical Trackpad and Call / End keys on this form factor like Blackberry Classic and a Stylus. That would be a Perfect package.

  • Yasiin Simba

VICKY968, 30 Apr 2018Hope blackberry will make a revolutionary device such as eq... moreMarket is already flooded with those types of do not need all the latest tech to have the best phone FOR YOU...

  • Yasiin Simba

Sad, 30 Apr 2018They should give up already. :(Why?

  • Yasiin Simba

But one thing that bothers me is the battery...why slimmed down? They shoul actually boost it up....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Yasiin simba

Yes...I can’t wait...I was about to pull the trigger on the key1, so happy I waited πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2018Blackberry should just give up alreadyNo I don't agree.

VICKY968, 30 Apr 2018Hope blackberry will make a revolutionary device such as eq... moreWhy should BB/TCL try to compete in an already flooded market?

They are making decent, mid-priced mid-range phones for a specific market.

The high end, super speced phone market is dying off, slowly but surely as there is only so much you can use a phone for in its current form.

You will never see phone CPUs competing with desktop/laptop computers for doing real work. That is just some pipe dream thought up by spec fans.

Look at the current "always connected Windows laptops" that are out right now. Seen any in the wild? Too narrow a market for a crippled CPU/OS combination.

  • Anonymous

If price ill b under 20 k blackberry win the game

  • LaZy_GeNiUs

No Bluetooth 5.0
No Wireless Charging
Perhaps OLED/AMOLED Screen

I'll Pass!

I don't think they would cut down the battery.

  • random guy

I really like this phones by the hardware it packs, i was about to buy a keyone but now it's too late specwise (Nougat, SD 625, 3Gb ram), but a SD660 on a 1080x1620 screen should perform really well, plus 8.1 means trebble (still depend on BB, but it's better than nothing) and more lifetime regarding software updates, 3,5mm jack + radio is always welcome (again, better than not having it), 3.1 type-c and 64gb/6gb internal/ram sound futureproof (at least for 3 or 4 years, maybe more depending on the use), 3360mAh is lower than the Keyone but with the SD660 it should perform well and the size isn't that bulky (15cm x 7cm, maybe 16x8 with a case on). Only a shame that the nav icons are not software rendered and instead fixed, it would be nice to have that bit more of screen or the option to customize them (colour, shape or add).

  • AnonD-682108

I hope to see bbos again. Goodluck blackberry. I still love your OS and I still waiting to buy an new true blackberry.

  • Sad

They should give up already. :(